IOvilus vs. Ghost Radar Ghost Hunting Apps


iovilius vs. ghost radar

With the emergence of powerful hand held devices such as apple’s iphone and motorola/google’s andriod it is now wonder that makers of field equipment used in paranormal investigations are starting to feel the need to tap into the “apps” market. When I first heard about the handful of apps out on the market I decided to give them a shot. At $1.99 for an emf apps iphone program I thought, why not. My errrr’d Thoughts of the most haunted hand held, “ghost detector” were over, or so I thought.
The first two apps that I tested are both hand ITC devices but had surprising results. The first to undergo the field test was the “Ghost Radar” app by Spudpicklez.

What does the Ghost Radar do, measure?

“Ghost Radar measures and analyzes small fluctuations in the Quantum Fluctuations around your iPhone or iPod touch. When the radar first starts it will be very sensitive to the noise in your environment perhaps giving false readings. After several minutes of self adjustment the radar will learn how to filter out the noise. The longer the radar is allowed to run the more sensitive it becomes to anomalous readings. What those readings mean and how you interpret them is up for debate. The theory of what is happening is that intelligent energy can be made aware of their ability to influence the sensors of the iPhone and iPod touch. Much like the theory behind anomalous readings of a K-II meter. Try asking entities to interact with Ghost Radar.”

Now during a number a field tests we did get a number of words that it did pull up on the device. About 50% of the questions that we asked did have a relative answer. One of the things that we do like about this app is the user has the ability to data log and email out the words that app crunched out, which is especially useful. The biggest thing that we don’t like about the app is that it is nearly impossible to understand the raw data that is constantly being flashed on the screen. For a $1.99 though it is a fun device to play with, however I would not consider a must have for any investigator.

On the flip side the iovilus app was horrible. I would of thought that the app would of been much better than its predecessor. Instead it was a huge disappointment. Just like the original ovilus the words are impossible to understand and they aren’t even displayed on the screen. There are no additional settings, such as dowsing mode, emf, etc mode.I would spend the $1.99 that they charging for the app and would instead enjoy spending that on a toilet paper. I could not find the app deletion quickly enough on my phone.

I do believe that the Ghost Radar definitely has the hands up in these handheld itc devices. Whether or not these devices improve in the future or lean more towards the “hoaxy” hollywood esque type of genre remains to be seen.

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