Japan Tsunami Prediction Comes True
Paranormal News / March 27, 2011

Japan Tsunami prophecy caught on Ghost Box EVP.  On March 3rd 2011, we picked up this prophecy via the Beezelbox, during a live show, which predicted there would  be a Tsunami that would hit Japan. Little did we know at the time it would happen March 12, 2011. Other Creepy Stuff Freaky Responses Spirit Voices Caught on Video views 137 Remote ITC / Ghost Radar / iOvlius/. Crossover Tal… views 54 UFO’s Flying Around Moon Caught on Video, Jul… views 8 Ghost ?Slamming Door at the Stanley Hotel views 6 Ghost Radar Ghost Caught on Video views 23

Iran builds UFO?
UFOs and Aliens / March 18, 2011

Iran builds UFO?  Zohal is reportedly the first unmanned flying saucer, built in Iran?  Reports are surfacing out of  Iran that they have built the first ever “flying saucer”.  While noone has determined how fast, how far it can even fly, Iran scientists are boasting of this new feat.  There are no pictures of the “saucer” shaped UFO, however some people claim that it is small enough to fly into a house.  Whether the UFO was actually created and had a successful flight also is open to debate however, due to the fact that Iran and its scientists have made out landish claims about there scientific based programs in the past.  One of the things that this should raise a red flags to everyone is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s current president seems to pushing the limits of its science program despite international sanctions, which is not a good thing. Does this mean that other countries such as the US and NATO based countries might already have the capability to fly unmaned, “fly saucers”.  Does anyone believe that this has anything to do with latest increase in UFO sightings?

UFO’s over Jerusalem, a 5th Video?
UFOs and Aliens / March 17, 2011

Since the news broke last month about a mass sighting over the city of Jerusalem in Israel, we were wondering if there would be another video that would surface. There seems to be another video that has leaked out and this one seems to be almost identical in terms of the way the object enters and exits the sky even though it was taken from a much farther vantage point. With all the tragic natural disasters, and possible nuclear meltdown that have been occurring over in Japan, could the influx of mass UFO’s sightings serve as a warning? Only time will tell. Other Creepy Stuff UFO’s captured over resort city. views 0 Rotating Cylinder Shaped UFO spotted over Sweden views 3 UFO’s Flying Around Moon Caught on Video, Jul… views 8 New Orleans July 2012 UFO Sighting Video views 3 Alien UFO Sight Caught Video above the Sierra Neva… views 15

Best Andriod, Iphone 4 Ghost Hunting Smart Phone Apps
Paranormal News / March 16, 2011

Over the past two years we have tested and used various smart phone apps and although we had our doubts regarding the overall effectiveness of these apps, however we have come across a few that the seem to give the most bang for the buck and actually work.  For many like myself it is virtually impossible to utilize, and carry each piece of paranormal equipment on an investigation, the smart phone now takes care of this. So here is our  “buy” list. Best Ghost Hunting App Spudpicklez app “GhostRadar” has provided way to many accurate results to throw away in our years of experimentation with this App. The interface is easy to use and is intuitive.  For those that aren’t familiar with the app it works very similar to the Ovilius, were as it detects suttle changes in the enviroment using the smart phones sensors and correlates a word to the change. One of the coolest parts about the app is that it actively stores the information on the phone, according to date and time, and can be emailed at a later date for further analysis. – Price $1.99 Available for  iphone / droid / google os The other app…

Doomsday, End of days Coming
Conspiracy Theories / March 15, 2011

With the events unfolding in Japan; the 9.0 Earthquake, the tsunami, and impending nuclear meltdown/fall out, is it fair to ask, is Doomsday upon us?  While I find the events to be severe in nature, I do not believe that, “this is the end” as Jim Morrison sung.  I rather believe that it is in fact a sign for us all to prepare for life’s unexpected events.  Being in Quake-Crazy California and going through the Loma Prieta Earthquake in 89′ I still have not got off my ass to become earthquake ready.  After seeing the devastation that was occurred by the onslaught of the Earthquake in Japan I am taking the next view days to prepare for the next disaster which I hope that I or my family will never see.  So I ask you, are you prepared? On a side note last night we decided to perform a BeezleBox (lsf enhanced Ghost Box ) session which would be centered on Doomsday Prophecies.  Most the sessions weren’t of note however it did provide some interesting responses when we asked when the next major earthquake was going to occur. The responses – When – March 22, 2011 Where – CA Coast…

Beezle Box Sessions (GhostBox) Explained..
Paranormal News / March 14, 2011

So a lot of people that have either watched the show lately or heard about the new ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication) sessions we have been doing are asking what type of tweaks and changes that I have been using while do the sessions and how did I think of doing it.  Well it might sound crazy but about 2 weeks prior to going out the Sallie House I had a dream were I was talking about a new ghost box I made during a broadcast.  When I woke up the following morning I thought “what the hell” and decided just to go by the schematics that I remembered in my dream. So what are the schematics? Well most of the hard ware is pretty much the same however its wired a lot differently than alot of the boxes that I have come across.  The main difference is that unlike all franks boxes that just continually scan one band of fm/am/sw, the box that I developed randomly shuffles all three bands at 60 ms per channel, I have also lined the inside of the box with aluminum foil to shield outside interference. One of the biggest changes to the box was not…