Between Heaven and Hell – Bobby Mackey’s Ghost Hunt – Thursday, May 31 – 10PM (EST)
Paranormal News / January 31, 2012

A little about country/bluegrass music star, Bobby Mackey and the history/experiences surrounding his nightclub, Bobby Mackey’s. Both love and death linger within this establishment with a well called, “The Gateway To Hell”, along with a stairway to heaven that leads nowhere. The place’s inbetween Bobby Mackey’s and open to this very day. Located in Wilder, Kentucky (on the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio) you will find inside the door, a sign warning visitors – this establishment is haunted, the bar will not be held accountable for damages. Your on your own! Bobby’s wife, Janet, didn’t come to the club, she didn’t go inside for years. She was a skeptic regarding ghosts, yet was physically pushed, resulting in her falling down a flight of outside stairs and told by “voice” to “get out”. Unfortunately, she died in February, 2009. Two structures exist: The bar which was once a speak-easy with mob connections and the back building which was a slaughter house where the blood from the animals that were slaughtered ran down the well, and emptied into the Licking River. The first building is where romance encounters murder and suicide. A dancer, Johanna falls for a singer ‘Robert Randall’. Her father disapproved…

In Search of the Paranormal, “Ghost Box Research” – Recorded Show 1/28

January 28, 2012 – In Search of the Paranormal – “Ghost Box Research” In this show Tim delves into the world of ITC Ghost Box Research with his own Spirit Box device the “BeezleBox”. Feel free to leave any comments with the time on the player regarding anything paranormal that you may hear during the investigation broadcast. Thank you and enjoy. Other Creepy Stuff Haunted Abandoned Steel Factory Ghost Hunt Episode views 1 LIVE Streaming Ghost Web Cam views 103 Sallie House LIVE Ghost Hunt Day 2 Part 4 views 2 Sallie House LIVE Ghost Hunt Day 3 Part 2 views 7 Sallie House LIVE Ghost Hunt Day 4 Part 4 views 1

Real Poltergeist Paranormal Activity
Paranormal News , Unexplained Videos / January 28, 2012

Shortly after we turned off our live streaming cameras we were able to capture this unexplained Poltergeist Activity during a paranormal investigation in California. In this video you will see three bags sway unexplainably, as high emf readings are captured, with no draft / wind speeds present. Could this be the ghost of Larry communicating with us? Other Creepy Stuff Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video views 2 REAL PARANORMAL ACTIVITY Entry 4 views 24 Real LIFE PARANORMAL ACTIVITY caught on tape Entry… views 130

Haunted Benicia Captain Blythers

Built in 1859 it was formerly the home of Samuel Blyther, his wife Anne and their children. The building now servers as a restaurant. Many reports of paranormal activity have been reported of the years, most consist of shadow figures which have been seen to roam the bar area, as well as poltergeist activity which is believed to be that of the Blyther’s children. ***update, the restaurant is now closed*** Below is a video of a live paranormal investigation performed by us,  while the restaurant was still open. Other Creepy Stuff 48 Hour LIVE Ghost Hunt Broadcast Prospect Place views 2

Baltic Sea UFO Crash Site?

CNN covers a team of Swedish divers who believed they have discovered the remains of an alien crash site. The team believes the alien crash site to be about 60 meters in length. The team is hoping to salvage the remains of the wreck in May when the waters around the site will be calmer. “Could this be the Star Wars Millenium Falcon, a plug to an inner world or a marine version of Stonehenge?” asks CNN’s Brooke Bowman:

Prospect Place History, and Hauntings
Haunted Locations / January 22, 2012

History – Known also as Trinway Mansion, Prospect place is a twenty room mansion which was built by abolitionist George Willison Adams (G. W. Adams) in Trinway, Ohio, in 1856. Today, it is the home of the non-profit G. W. Adams Educational Center, Inc. The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Ohio Underground Railroad Association’s list of Underground Railroad sites. Soon after the mansion was constructed, a fire was set which completely destroyed it.  The mansion was then rebuilt with more fire stopping measures added to it and stands as it does today.   Some these renovations included interior walls made of solid brick and  two-inch layer of mortar between the first and second floors. This home featured many new and, for the time, revolutionary innovations. It had indoor plumbing which included a copper tank cistern on the second floor which pressurized water throughout the house. Two coal stoves had copper tanks (under pressure from the cistern system) which heated water and allowed the home to have both hot and cold running water service. Hauntings – Known as one of the most haunted places in Ohio, A commonly reported paranormal sightings is that of a…