2012 Slender Man Sightings Video

Below is a video of recent 2012 Slender Man Sightings.

Slender Man, also known as Slenderman, is a shadow like creature, that is tall, and appears to have long arms. Sightings of this creature have occurred worldwide.



  1. Haley Lundberg says:

    Le Slenderman.

  2. Drake Allard says:

    I wanted to sleep tonigh too.

  3. Abbigayle Branch says:

    I don' see em… Where is he? -__-"

  4. Here's a video on Youtube of Slender Man stalking someone.

  5. epic trolllolololololol says:

    this is retarded

  6. Guest says:

    he will find us

  7. Gibson says:

    I think he is after me

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