Back in the Days

Some of you might still remember back in 2007 our streaming days on For those that don’t know or can’t remember we were one of the first broadcasters to ever stream on after Justin Khan allowed others to stream on his site. I still remember receiving a call from Justin in spring of 2007 asking us if we had any interest in streaming, and wondering what would come of it. Well here we are today, still alive, and still live streaming. Here is an old screen cap of what our page looked like on in 2007. Only 627 viewers? Oh how the times have changed.

LIVE Streaming Ghost Web Cam
Paranormal News / January 20, 2012

Live 24/7 camera located in the Pros Investigation’s Long Term Research Site. This 100 year old warehouse has had a long history of paranormal activity. Pros is studying the activity in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the paranormal. Visit us at Other Creepy Stuff In Search of the Paranormal, “Ghost Box Rese… views 1

Occupy Protest Live Streaming Broadcast
Paranormal News / January 20, 2012

LIVE Streaming Broadcast from the Occupy Protest Watch live streaming video from occupytv at **any ideas or comments said on this show are of this show and are not of the opinions of**

LIVE Streaming 24 Hour Ghost Camera
Paranormal News / January 20, 2012

Check out this 24-7 feed from a reportedly haunted location on the East Coast. The streamer reports to have several apparitions, and also caught numerous EVPs. What else will the video be able to capture? Find out. **any views or comments expressed in this program are not that of**

Weird..Multiple UFOS caught on Video over Cyprus Jan. 2012

Below is a video of what appears to be several UFOS filmed over Cyprus, January 19, 2012.  If you watch closely you will watch them dance throughout the sky.  It is our opinion that these objects are moving to fast to be Chinese lanterns, or even weather balloons. Could it be signs of alien life, or some type of advanced military technology?  What do you think?   Other Creepy Stuff Michigan Triangle Shaped UFO Video, Jan. 2012 views 1