Although the video resolution is pretty bad on this clip there definitely seems to be something strange that was captured on this security camera. Could it be that the pub is haunted? Or an elaborate prank? Witnesses report that shadow figure being is about 6′ to 6′ 7″ tall and appears to be wearing a trench coat. Could it be another slender man sighting?

BEEVILLE (Kiii News) –

Some strange goings on have been taking place at a British style pub in Beeville that have some folks thinking the pub might be haunted with ghosts.

Ever since the Dog and Bee Pub opened up last year, employees there have been witnessing things they simply cannot explain.  Then some surveillance footage captured one of those strange events and now has folks talking after it was posted on to youtube.

Employees there have been spooked after seeing one strange thing after another.  One server told 3News the strangest thing he observed was on Halloween night.  He was working the closing shift and was in a backroom with a security guard when they saw something.

“I’m facing away from this wall behind me and just gossiping about everything and something catches my attention.  And I turn and look and right about here, I just see this big tall, about 6′, 6’7″ foot tall black figure kinda looked like a man, like in a giant trench coat.  And I looked at it, and looked back down and I was like wait and looked back again and it just took off running back toward the kitchen,” says head server, Naazie Hinojosa.

Naazir says he and the security guard chased after the figure and then saw a swinging door flapping open and shut.  When they went in there the figure was gone.  Naazir says he had chills up his arms and legs and got out of there as fast as he could.

Employees have also witnessed the chandeliers moving randomly, state of the art televisions turning on, after they had been turned off, globes with candles breaking on their own in the drawers and glassware falling off of the shelf.

Then one night in November, after the place had been closed and everyone had left, something strange was captured on surveillance video.  Wooden mahogany chairs near a gothic church pew seemingly fell to the ground on their own.

“We couldn’t figure out why, we figured somebody may have broken in.  Well when reviewing the camera footage on our surveillance system we noticed the table literally had gotten knocked over by itself, and also its sister table was knocked over by itself,” says pub manager, Alan Johnson.

Also strange about the footage is that the surveillance cameras are motion activated.  So some movement had to turn them on before the chairs and tables fell.

The general manager says paranormal investigators came by to see if they could find anything and their equipment did pick up some strange frequencies and abrupt changes in temperature.

As a way to calm themselves down, the employees talk to the alleged ghost, who they call Toby.  They say when they do that, it seems to work and not as many strange things happen.


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