Ghosts of Haunted Peabody Whitehead Mansion

March 16, 2012

History –

Designated as a Denver historic landmark, this mansion was built in 1889 by Frank Edbrooke. Roughly 6,300 sq feet, built in craftsman style, the home was originally sold for $15,000. The home served as residence to Governor James Peabody who, once served a surgeon during the Crimean and Civil War. The mansion would later serve as boarding house, apartments, and in the 1980’s would also house various restaurants.

Haunts –

Patients of James Peabody are believed to haunt the mansion as well as the spirit of woman who took here own life in the basement. Poltergeist activity has been known to occur as well disembodied voices, and shadow figures have been seen throughout the mansion.

Author Tim Wood

Founder and Paranormal Investigator for, I started the world’s first LIVE online paranormal show.

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