Chernobyl Diaries based on a True Story? Paranormal Activity?

If there is one area in the world where paranormal activity should be prevalent it should be in the ghost town where the Chernobyl Factory used to lie. Since the years of the explosion many people have claimed to witness various forms of phantom figures, disembodied children voices, and ghostly figures that seem to be going to work. It is no wonder why the producers picked this location as the perfect back drop for there horror movie. In case you are wondering the movie is based upon a fictionalized account.

For anyone that doesn’t remember the tragedy that struck, here is a brief history. On April 26, 1986 the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine had an explosion which released large quantities of radioactive contamination into the atmosphere, that soon spread over much of Western USSR and Europe. Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus have been burdened with the continuing and substantial decontamination and health care costs of the Chernobyl accident. A report of the International Atomic Energy Agency, examines the environmental consequences of the accident. Estimates of the number of deaths that will eventually result from the accident vary enormously; these disparities reflect both the lack of solid scientific data and the different methodologies used to quantify mortality – whether the discussion is confined to specific geographical areas or extends worldwide, and whether the deaths are immediate, short term, or long term. Thirty one deaths are directly attributed to the accident, all among the reactor staff and emergency workers.



  1. Keef keef says:

    Ive seen some great documentaries on chernobyl and the nearby town of pripyat. Its a very spooky place, a lot of it undisturbed since it was abandoned! Got to agree that if you expected activity at a location this would be right up there!

  2. Debspectreseeker_Moderator Deb Fletcher says:

    I’ve posed this question once before. If safety and health concerns were not an issue would you investigate here? Another question I asked my colleagues was if asked would you investigate Auschwitz. I would decline for several reasons.

  3. Chewlip_Moderator Chewlip says:

    I think investigating any concentration camp would be rather disrespectful, and in poor taste. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one. I went to Dachau a couple of years ago, and, it’s incredibly harrowing.

  4. Keef keef says:

    Deb – Chew, I couldnt even make my way around the Imperial War Museums Auschwitz exhibition, I had to get out of there before I was sick!
    But just to stir up the pot…..the ethics issue is a bit of a minefield and could also be applied to cemetaries, hospitals, asylums, battlefields etc where people have suffered or where they should perhaps be allowed to rest in peace.

  5. Tim_LSF Tim_LSF says:

    When I was in college I took a class on the Holocaust. I actually had to drop the class after the first time because it was way too depressing..I don’t even think I could visit the camps. :(

  6. ilook4spooks2 says:

    I agree Tim, I don’t think I could visit the camps either. I am a history buff and love researching esp The Civil War esp…but for some reason the subject of The Holocaust really bothers me right down to the core.

  7. Best place ever to grow weed.

  8. Beau Godbout says:

    you would die from radiation.

  9. Gwen Baldwin says:

    Jeeze. The buildings are just so spooky. Last night I watched Chernobyl Diaries and I said to my dad " Dad, is it possible for radioactive people are still there? " and he said " I don't think so but I don't see why there wouldn't " 0.0 creepy.

  10. That's carzy I do wanna go ther tho! But with guns n a lot of weed n Mollys

  11. Bryden Delta Hannaford says:

    radiation has decreased perfect place to go and feed the locals.

  12. secret20 says:

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