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One of the scariest moments of my paranormal investigation career occurred at the Warren House. This ghost attack caught on video happened on the third night while I was staying at the house. One of the very first things that that I remembered before I was attacked in the stomach was the feeling of hot …

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Is Paranormal Activity 4 based on a true story

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Paranormal Activity 4 which slated to be released for release in October 31, 2012 (Halloween) looks promising to give many chills this fall season. The series however is not based on a series of real events. However many of the sequences and even sound effects have been reported to be modeled after third party accounts of real paranormal activity.

Its a movie directed by a B list movie director named Oren Peli. He was afraid of ghosts himself and had a few paranormal experiences in his house so he made a movie off a 15 grand budget called paranormal activity. It was shown at Slamdance festival in 2007 and than brought before Miramax. It recently was produced by paramount and shown in select theaters to determine critical reception.

If you are fan of horror flicks, or of paranormal genre based movies be sure to check it out.

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