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One of the scariest moments of my paranormal investigation career occurred at the Warren House. This ghost attack caught on video happened on the third night while I was staying at the house. One of the very first things that that I remembered before I was attacked in the stomach was the feeling of hot …

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Is the Bagul Demon Real

So we finally got out to see the movie Sinister this week and even though some critics completely bashed it, we enjoyed it. Since the movie has been marketed we have been flooded by emails asking whether the pagan demon Bagul is an actual or fictional character. The demon is characterized as being the taker of children souls which is not a foreign belief placed upon some ancient demonic entities such as Lilith and the Slavic entities known as the Ale or Ala.One of the true demons that the Bagul seems to draw its terrify features from is Lilith, otherwise know as Abyzou. Abyzou is the name of a female demon who was often blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy (Greek: φθόνος phthonos), as she herself was infertile. In the Jewish tradition she is identified with Lilith, in Coptic Egypt with Alabasandria, and in Byzantine culture with Gylou, but in various texts surviving from the syncretic magical practice of antiquity and the early medieval era she is said to have many or virtually innumerable names.

One of the true demons that the Bagul seems to draw its terrify features from is Lilith, otherwise know as Abyzou. Abyzou is the name of a female demon who was often blamed for miscarriages and infant mortality and was said to be motivated by envy (Greek: φθόνος phthonos), as she herself was infertile. In the Jewish tradition she is identified with Lilith, in Coptic Egypt with Alabasandria, and in Byzantine culture with Gylou, but in various texts surviving from the syncretic magical practice of antiquity and the early medieval era she is said to have many or virtually innumerable names.

Another one of the true demons that actually has similar characteristics is Ale. An ala or hala (plural: ale or hali) is a female mythological creature recorded in the folklore of Bulgarians, Macedonians, and Serbs. Ale are considered demons of bad weather whose main purpose is to lead hail-producing thunderclouds in the direction of fields, vineyards, or orchards to destroy the crops, or loot and take them away. Extremely voracious, ale particularly like to eat children, though their gluttony is not limited to Earth.

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  • just left movie theatre "SINISTER""WAS SCARY AS FUK!!

  • Ēliaş Şara says:

    oh really I'm not fine….I'm not feeling well since I saw the movie sister I do not sleep well at night.

  • Jane Smith says:

    Bughuul represents Saturn El, that, according to pagan mythology, ate his children. The number 8, which is the number of saturn appears in the movie a few times plus, those family films were shot with a super 8 camera. It's symbol looks like a freaking owl. In my mother language, the word for owl is "bagoly", eerily similarly pronounced as bughuul. Parents in the old days used to threaten their kids with the"copperd*cked owl" (bubo cupropenis in case you want to google it). They told kids that the copper dicked owl will take bad kids away. We also had a creature from the Germanic culture, the Krampus, an all black, semi-human being, that loved to kidnap "naughty" children, around christmas time aka "saturnalia" or "yule", which are the same. Blatant Saturn worship throughout the movie.

  • sisnister got me triping already-,-
    well not sleeping tonight.

  • Helder Lopes says:

    great film. the director of insidious bring real horror to a movie- halloween , fredy krueger, scary movie that´s all bullshit, this is real terror.

  • Marion Rodriguez says:

    BAGUL <3

  • Jane Smith says:

    I kinda like him too.

  • Tim Wood says:

    Please elaborate, I have heard many people say the same which is not cool!

  • Tina Nickels says:

    watched the movie- got me all freaked out..how weird..never has happened to me before but this movie does something else to me.

  • All I have to say is, "Thank God for Xanax." Many people don't believe in paranormal entities, or anything paranormal for that matter, but I'm a firm believer. I have really bad night time paranoia and this only made it worse. I frequently see a tall dark shadow "man" in every house I've ever lived in. I call him the shadow man, because he is a black figure in the shape of a man…tall and looming, and kind of skinny and twisted. My sister sees him as well.

    What really got me was the fact that the two look similar and I despise the fact that he was given the name "Mr. Boogie" in the movie, Sinister. It ties in to Paranormal Activity about how it follows you. I'm no stranger to the occult and spirits be they angelic or demonic. I sometimes hate being hypersensitive to other worldly beings. You can choose to consider me loony, but until you've experienced it, you have no idea just how terrifying it can be.

    Now, do I believe a demon from hell will come and kidnap your children through home movies, no. But there's always a gateway. The internet is a gateway. Living in a home full of negative energy is a gateway.

  • I'm having the same issues. You should read my post and see if you've experienced the same things I have. This movie hit close to home.

  • Tiffany-Michelle Coker says:

    I have been experiencing things I can't explain since I was about 11. My mom experienced some of it while I was staying with her a few years ago.

  • I believe that a certain number of us are conduits for positive and negative energies, and naturally things will follow us wherever we go. This may contradict the bible, and I'm a Christian day in and out. But, even in the bible, it states that demons and the devil roam among us. That's why I believe we're able to see them. Maybe not the devil exactly, but if a negative energy is strong enough, I do believe it will manifest itself.

  • Tiffany-Michelle Coker says:


  • Houa Thalchuefeng says:

    i believe you guys are referring to the whether fact or fiction SlenderMan

  • alwe17 says:

    hi. i’m new here, i signed up for this website for the purpose of replying to this post, i just wanted to add my 2 cents, i have no idea if this is merely coincedental or if the writer of the film was anyway Filipino or have knowledge in the Filipino language or folklore, but the term “Bagul” is a direct translation of “skull” in my own dialect-Hiligaynon(one of many dialects in the Philippines), though in our National language(Tagalog) the term is “Bungo”, but “Bagul” remains the same term throughout a number of dialects for skull, and in the movie, Bagul does have a “skull-y” facial feature

    you could always research more about Philippine Folklore and Paranormal stuff in the internet if you’re interested, you will find that Philippine folklore and mythology is very rich and is still deeply integrated with the daily lives of the modern Filipinos(except those who live in the National Capital Region of Manila…because of too much urbanization and “Americanization” of the children), but in the province(no, not farmlands, still pretty much urban and developed), everyone, young and old still strongly believe in the supernatural, that’s because almost everyone has had an up-close personal experience or two at numerous times in their lives.

    concerning the critics in your post, as taken from cloud atlas, “what is a critic, but one who reads quickly, arrogantly, but never wisely”

    • peterpiper says:

      I have no doubt in mind that after watching that the creators of this film go their inspiration from another or possible a number of entities that were once idolized in religions.

      Isn’t it strange how this movie came out around the same time as the “Possession” which also has to do with a demon terrorizing children?

    • livescifi says:

       thanks for your insight alwe!

  • Tyler Swanigan says:

    You are wrong. I always see hands in a window,see a head in my back yard. So that is why I think your wrong. P.S it looks exactly like bagul

  • It is as real as any other demon.

  • I am from India and in my language Marathi, the term for a demon who takes away children is Bagul Bua. I found it very strange that so many cultures through the world have almost the same name for the same concept.

  • BikerOl'Lady says:

    I’m new on here and to tell you the truth, i beelieve in all things paranormal, I’ve just always been a supersticial being

  • PeterD says:

    I think this is pure fantasy, if any Demon is then it is a mortal

  • Gendari Soehartono says:

    I know what you've been thru. I have lived in houses full of "negative"energy. to me energy is neutral it's the people feel and thought that's negative, and it doesnt destroy others but themselves. i've been there and still there too and try my best to leap spiritually. sometimes i fall but that's fine. and that dark tall, skinny figure without obvious shape also presence in our first and second home. I call it elemental. But it doesnt harm us except pushes away some luck from our home. It does to a certain extent protect the house, while next doors have been burglarized or robbed, ours always made people cold feet to step in. they said our house was like dead place.Anyhow, i believe everything that happens must happen with the creator approval and there's a lesson to people experience it. in my case it's me and my mom.

  • Tara Kelly says:

    I have been hoping I would find out why I am plagued with bad luck. I often wonder if it is spritual

  • you n me both Casey, I've seen the shadow man many times, still to this day i see him, me being 19, and living in a house that i live in, isn't so pleasant. people are sometimes scared of me cause i experience such things, it's no laughing matter until you deal with it yourself. i've seen him at home family homes, being on vacations, etc. everywhere i go i see him, i hope that i one day don't have to see him anymore because he is extremely terrifying to me.
    but i dont know if this is weird or what but i adore horror movies more than any genre, i'm not sure why they are just more interesting to me, to the point where i do so much research on the project to see what it's all about.

  • Amber Gabriel I love horror movies as well. Some of them, like the slasher flicks I can giggle at…When it comes to movies like The Devil Inside, i get pretty unnerved.

  • Casey Crawley same with me n the movies, believe me or not i actually live in a haunted house, my dream job is to become a movie writer, director, and a producer, so i can one day tell the tale of the house i grew up in. wasn't my idea of moving in, it pretty freaky when my mom first told me the story about our house.q

  • Chase Jenks says:

    would of been interested to see if some of the other qualities given to this creature were inspired by other folklore…like did any demons use kids to kill their families, or hide in images?

  • honey.marsh@arakura.school.nz says:

    dont actually get the demond but what i do know is that if this demond is real and it took away naughty kids every christmas why have i survived 15 christmases not to let my self down or anything i just havent been good . If this was true than it would say on the case the movie came in but i didnt say anything on mine. The sign they call bubo cupropenis is just a owl uasuly owls are a bad sighn like if you have seen the forth kind it explains before the little girl gets taken away from the alien and fourth kind is a true story. This movie is not true story.

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