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One of the scariest moments of my paranormal investigation career occurred at the Warren House. This ghost attack caught on video happened on the third night while I was staying at the house. One of the very first things that that I remembered before I was attacked in the stomach was the feeling of hot …

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Sound of Hell Caught on Tape

Submitted by 2 Comments

Demon Legion Hell sound caught on tape? During a live ghost hunt broadcast last year at the Sallie House we captured a Hellish Sound while performing a Ghost Box session, the same sound was later captured during an investigation in California a year later from which it claimed to be from legio, or legion. Could this be a demon trying to communicate? Or possibly a real sound from hell? All video and audio from these clips were gathered from our live investigations which are broadcasted on Youtube.


  • Nedpepper says:

    If that was really from hell they would not be talking to you. For they would be tormented by the fire so there for they would be screaming and cursing. Yet you more than likely have a demon, for most ghost are just demons mimicking people that have died or been dead for years and I would leave them alone they can kill and have killed for they are fallen angles and don’t give a stink about us for they hate us!

  • Hannah Gresham says:

    One thing that has to be kept in mind when working in this field is that these entities will attach themselves to you and others. Also, they do not work on "our" time, they work on their time. So, if they want to hit a nerve, so to speak, with you, they aren't necessarily waiting. Time isn't really linear as we perceive it to be here. I don't think this is anything from Hell. Maybe a malevolent spirit but, definitely something that seems to have attached itself (or themselves) to you guys. I am no expert, so this is just my amateur opinion. Definitely (if you feel the need) make it a point to do a house cleansing where you reside, and have your crew members do the same with white sage weekly, so that the doors you have opened will not allow anything negative through. And if anything negative does come through, this cleansing should take care of it.

  • Seyed sadegh emami says:

    OMG heal .

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