The Haunted Warren House – LIVE October 2013 Ghost Hunt Broadcast


Join us for a FREE! LIVE Ghost Hunt Broadcast, at the Haunted Warren House as we attempt to capture paranormal activity on tape LIVE during our unprecedented LIVE Event. The LIVE Halloween October 2013 broadcast begins October 14th 2013 and ends Nov. 2nd 2013. What will the Ghost Hunters capture in this haunted home which is believed to inhabited by numerous spirits as well as a possible demonic presence?

The home was investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren in the 1970′s however was never had chance to be cleansed of its negative energy. Is it still there today? The Team will use a variety of paranormal equipment such as thermal camera’s, custom built dvr systems, ghost boxes, EVP, ouija boards, etc, in its attempt to captured, communicate, and document paranormal activity LIVE!

To interact with us LIVE during the broadcast please tweet us @livescifi

LIVE Ghost Hunt starts every night 8pm EST to 4am EST / Static Cams and LIVE Evidence Review in between!

When – Monday at 5:00pm until November 2 at 5:00pm

Where –

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    hey crew hope every1 is okay thought Tim was gonna lose it

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