Two years ago I received a pocket watch that belonged to my Grandfather. My wife stores it in a jewelry box hidden away. Shortly after having stored it away, we heard my 2 year old playing and having a good time in his room alone. My 4 year old at went in to see what he was doing, he told him he was playing with Truman and he was nice. My son came to me and asked who Truman was and of course that is my Grandfather. I asked why he wanted to know and he told me what his brother had said. So I took the two boys to my room where I have a picture of myself and my Grandfather hanging on the wall. My then 2 year old said yea that him that is the guy.

Since that time both myself and my wife have seen not only orbs but dark shapes floating in and out of the boys rooms to the room where the watch is kept. Also one night I was getting ready to go to bed and looked down the hallway where I can see into my oldest sons room and saw my Grandfather standing there looking at me. I have tried at times to get a picture but no luck yet.


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