Were the Constantinos Haunted?


Mark and Debbie Constantino also known as the “Constantino’s” were known for their unique ability to capture live EVPS.  About 5 years ago I was introduced to them at the Washoe Club during at a GAC event.  Over the five years that we knew Were the Constantinos Hauntedeach other we had always remained in contact and became friends.  We would often call each other to share paranormal experiences, and advise each other on paranormal cases .  I had always knew the Debbie and Mark Constantino as being kind, loyal, extremely giving, and as great friends.  Without them I can say that I would not be were I am today. Back in late November of 2014 I did not know that the investigation that we preformed at the Washoe Club in Virginia City where our paths had originally crossed would be the final time that I would get to investigate with them.

Since I met the Constantino’s they had always believed that something was haunting them.  However as time passed these thoughts of an entity following them and haunting their home only increased.  Both Mark and Debbie as evidenced in this video clearly seemed shaken up by the EVP that was captured at 2:01:08, little did we know at the time that this EVP was very telling of the events that were about to unfold.  Could they have been under attack by a demonic presence, or was it just due to mental illness?  These are the questions that will forever haunt us.Were Mark and Debbie Constantino Haunted?

Although many people have a negative view of them due to the circumstances that led to both of their deaths they will always remain in my thoughts.  Rest in Peace Debbie and Mark.

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