In January 2018 we received an email from a family who believed that they were being tormented by a demon.  The family first experienced minor paranormal activity, that led to poltergeist activity, to partial demonic possession.  Oddly enough the husband and wife used a Ouija Board in the home, and stated that they came in contact with an entity which named itself MAMA on the Ouija Board.  After numerous paranormal investigations we were able to document severe paranormal activity which culminated on early in February with a sewing board being thrown across the room due to poltergeist activity at them home.

With the family in dire need of help we contacted numerous priests, however we felt that exorcist, Bishop James Cloud was the best fit to assist with cleansing the home and family of the demonic activity that had infested their home.

The video was originally broadcasted live on YouTube and shows the exorcism in an unedited, raw format.  There was one point during the exorcism were I became under attack by the entity had to leave the home.  While I was being attacked I became ill, yet extremely angry at everyone around me.


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