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SyFy Ghost Mine Review – Gold Rush Bering Sea Gold Rip Off

On January 16th 2012 SyFy Channel debuted its new paranormal reality series Ghost Mine. After watching the show I was amazed out how much creativity the new show lacked and how much it borrowed and pillaged upon other popular Gold Hunting types of shows that are already on other networks such as Discovery Channel.

One of the first ways that it clearly borrows upon other shows is in the introductory scenes. If anybody has seen Bering Sea Gold, which is shown on Discovery Channel and been airing for a year, it starts off with a miner talking about the dangers and thirst for riches that fuels one to search for gold. Well the producers and editors of this series clearly are fans of Bering Sea Gold because they copied their intro and only differed from the script by adding a paranormal twist to it.

Another borrowed trait for another Gold hunting show, called Gold Rush is how they scripted the miners and how they portray them. The show is its 3rd season and the main characters are portrayed as recession strays searching to better there fortunes through finding their riches of gold in Alaska. Now the only thing different between the Gold Rush cast and the Ghost Mine cast is that, the Ghost Mine cast hasn’t found any gold of yet, and has only discovered a couple of class c evps in mine that will hopefully collapse and end the series.

One would think that with a budget that SyFy has for their shows that they would have better things to produce then rehashes of shows that are already out there, but then again it is SyFy.

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  • charliepnyc says:

    only could have hoped that the mine collapsed at the beginning of the show, but alas, did not.

  • peterpiper says:

    what a horrible show..Gold Rush btw is far more entertaining than this crap

  • Chicky463 says:

    I tried to watch it twice and each time I preferred to do my assignments for my online class…

  • Ammowfe2 says:

    Aweful show. What a waste of time.

  • Nephilium says:

    I would put money down these 2 “investigators” just care to make a buck… I hate this show, watched the first EP and tried the second which just pissed me off… Space the channel it airs on here is seriously running out of ideas and seemingly ran out of good ones a few years ago…

  • Tiana says:

    You forgot to mention how it pokes serious fun of legitimate paranormal shows that are serious about what they do, and by legitimate, I mean teams that do this both on camera and OFF, who really believe in what they do. The female “paranormal investigator” is clearly a newb in her “profession” if not a really bad actress, cuz it is impossible to take her seriously or to believe she is an experienced investigator. She and the other “investigator” very obviously copy what they learned from successful paranormal investigation shows such as Ghost Hunters as shown on OLN. The evp sessions, the tones they use, the questions they ask, exactly the same as the Taps team. And let’s be clearn, by successful I mean popular with viewers for entertainment value.

    Their supposed “experiences” of the paranormal they claim to have, are obviously faked. For example in one episode the miners have finally found gold and are working full force to extract it and the “paranormal investigators” are investigating hauntings in the town surrounding the mine as well. While the miners are at it every last piece of their equipment stops working in the mine, including their head lamps so they are in the pitch black dark mine and use a lighter one of them had on them to see get out. The “investigators” say it’s something gathering energy to manifest itself, however, all thier video cameras to monitor for paranormal activity in the same spot the miners are is working totally fine, yet every piece of other electrical equipment has stopped working. That’s just a little too coincidental, and way too convenient. If it’s draining everything else, why not the cameras in the immediate area too? Totally bogus. At least in Ghost Hunters, if they fake anything (which imo I feel it’s legit, but every one has their own opinons and are entitles to them on the subject) they”re not stupid enough to try and do anything so obviously fake, if anything loses energy it’s one thing, or there is a cold spot, it’s not everything but the cameras.

    The scripts are juvenile, written by a total novice, and the acting is terrible, the female “paranormal investigator” being the worst actor among them. For people who enjoy paranormal investigation shows, you’d best sit this one out, it isn’t even worth the digital film they recorded it on. Absolutely horrible.

  • Baba Booey says:

    Patrick H T Doyle used to have a YouTube channel called Haunted Hoax where he would constantly bash / debunk all of these paranormal shows. I guess since he’s had shows in development that people must have advised him to remove all of the videos since you can’t find them anywhere now. Seems interesting that he’s “toe’d” the line since he’s finally got a show on air now. His Haunted Hoax videos were actually pretty interesting.

  • Christinafanthorpe says:

    I find this show entertaining, I really don’t understand all the negative comments…if you guys don’t like the show, then you don’t have to watch the remaining 5 episodes,its that’s simple Master T !

    • livescifi says:

       Creatively it offers nothing new..Have you seen Discovery Channels Bering Sea? If you haven’t I would watch the intro to that, and compare it to Ghost Mine. Nothing ticks me off more than producers who borrow and pilage from other successful shows.

  • Eric Jones says:

     I know there is a lot of speculation about this show and so far a lot of information regarding Patrick has surfaced. I did a little digging and found some interesting information about his paranormal investigator Kristen. They have gone to a lot of trouble trying to cover up here past acting career and trying to label her as a paranormal investigator. Here is some dirt on her, she has 2 IMDB profiles, one of them has her listed as Kristen Lumen the other as Kristen Luman. Kristen Lumen/Luman are both the same woman. If you look up Kristen P. Luman on IMDB it has her listed as being on one show, Ghost Mine as a paranormal investigator. If you look up Kristen Lumen, who is also her, it has her listed as an actress in 3 films, Harvest Of Fear, Spiral & Drama Queens. Now is it possible that its a coincidence? Someone could have a similar name? Certainly but I didnt stop there. If you go to YouTube and type in “Harvest Of Fear” trailer 2004, you get a nice B-Movie trailer and guess who stands out at around the 20 second mark? Kristen P. Luman. There are also photos of promotional posters for Drama Queens online, if you Google search Drama Queens 2009 the movie post pops up with her face right on the front. I guess Syfy thought it would be easy enough to add the P. to her name and create a new IMDB profile for her but the cats out of the bag. The fact they went to the trouble to try and cover up her past shows that they are worried about the legitimacy of the show. Oddly enough there is a writer listed for the show, its only for 1 episode but its for the first episode then its not listed after that. I dont know if Syfy made a mistake and released that info to IMDB or not but why would a reality show need a writer, for any episodes? Sidenote, there are several photos of Kristen on Google hanging out with celebrities and at Girls Gone Wild parties, very strange actually. You can check on all this information yourself but hurry up before Syfy finds what I have revealed and removes it. Clearly she is an actress and this just adds more creditability to the fact the show is scripted.

    • Andreas says:

      After watching the shows 1-6 in a row, I felt something was not right, thanks for debunking syfychannell for making mockementarys nowdays so I can focus on more important stuff out there, Its a pitty thou ,guess its cheap money and good ratings to mock ppl.

  • Deanna_Marie1 says:

     I was actually thinking of giving this show a try before I stumbled upon this article; thank you for saving me an hour of my life! I usually watch for entertainment, but only if it is well-put together. We are not idiots.

  • Matt Cavanaugh says:

     Ive been watching paranormal shows for awhile and this one really does seem legit, despite these speculations. The mining crew itself serves as the best example because they are not actors nor part of the producing company and all seem to have genuine reactions. Sure the investigators don’t seem to be as experienced as they are in other shows (mostly Kirsten), however their reactions are almost more interesting then those of the mining crew. The investigators really seemed to have discovered proof of paranormal activity that links the mine/town/Inn/and woods together along with the masonic symbols. All this feels real and compelling when compared to other paranormal shows especially when the daughter of one of the miners is lured away by an apparition while at a BBQ. Another interesting discovery was when they were tipped off and found old masonic symbols that were linked to an abandoned mine at least 50 years old that had been buried and sealed off but still had millions worth of gold ore in it. There are too many unanswered questions and plot twists for some Hollywood big shot to have just thought up especially the way they connect all these clues, it seems to genuine.  To me this series seems bold and it might steal some themes from other series but what can you expect from a topic that’s been touched upon so much. I personally am looking forward to seeing what happens in future episodes and can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

  • GOP Cannon says:

    As a fan of Ghost Hunters, I was initially pumped about this show.  During the first few episodes, the investigations into the mine seemed legit… equipment, methodology, and evidence. 

    As the series continued, the show seemed to be much more scripted.  I found that some of the conclusions of the investigators came to where over the top.  All of the stuff about the Masons, and the conspiracy that they destroyed the portal was stupid.  The last episode seemed like it was staged.

    All and all, Ghost Mine was ok.  I was impressed with some of their evidence (images of shadows, and thermal scans of unseen people), however the methodology of this show sucks compared to Ghost Hunters.  I felt that the shows final conclusion, that the spirits in the mine where out to hurt the miners, was not supported by the evidence collected throughout the season.

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