Demonic EVPS Caught on Video at the Sallie House

In 2012 Demonic EVPS were caught on video during a ghost hunt of the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas. The team (Tim Wood, Scott Dilala, and Patrick Langdon) used a Frank’s Box in the basement of haunted house to facilitate communication with the demon that is believed to haunt the house and property. A Frank’s Box is a ghost box which is a form of ITC, the device scans AM/FM radio waves continuously and it is believed that spirit or demon can manipulate the device by speaking in real time to the operator.

Demonic EVPs Caught on Video at the Sallie House

Sallie House Pentagram

Why is the basement haunted? The basement is believed to be ground zero for the

sallie house witchcraft
The only remaining picture of the pentagram in the Sallie House Basement

Sallie House is haunted due to the rituals were performed in the basement.  Shortly after the Pickman’s lived in the Sallie House, another tenant had moved in and placed a pentagram in the basement.  When the owner (Les Smith) discovered the pentagram in the basement the tenant was evicted. The pentagram was spray painted over with black paint.  Today the 3ft by 3ft black spray paint can still be seen on the basment floor. In our research it is believed that the tenant was trying to summon the demon Beezlebub. People have also reported that another paranormal group conducted a  ritual in an attempt to close the previous one.

The attempts to close the portal have obviously failed, most of the violent paranormal attacks that occur there till this day.  The ghost box session that we filmed, and the responses show how dark the energy is there.

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