Best Andriod, Iphone 4 Ghost Hunting Smart Phone Apps


Over the past two years we have tested and used various smart phone apps and although we had our doubts regarding the overall effectiveness of these apps, however we have come across a few that the seem to give the most bang for the buck and actually work.  For many like myself it is virtually impossible to utilize, and carry each piece of paranormal equipment on an investigation, the smart phone now takes care of this.

So here is our  “buy” list.

Best Ghost Hunting App

Spudpicklez app “GhostRadar” has provided way to many accurate results to throw away in our years of experimentation with this App. The interface is easy to use and is intuitive.  For those that aren’t familiar with the app it works very similar to the Ovilius, were as it detects suttle changes in the enviroment using the smart phones sensors and correlates a word to the change. One of the coolest parts about the app is that it actively stores the information on the phone, according to date and time, and can be emailed at a later date for further analysis.
– Price $1.99 Available for  iphone / droid / google os

The other app worthy of mention is Digital Dowsings’  ” iOvilius”- Designed by Digital Dowsing its big best iphone android ghost hunting appbrother the Ovilius has been used on numerous TV shows such as Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal State.  The device pretty much has the same function set as the “Ghost Radar” but has not as many features.  The app seems to be a lot more buggy, and will not allow you to email the logs of words spoken.
– Price $2.99 Available for  iphone / droid / google os

Best Cam/Audio App – Digital Dowsings’ MagCAM -Designed by Digital, the app monitors the emf field and when a change is detected it snaps a photo.   The devices interface is pretty intuitive and easy to use, the only down side is that the app consumes the life of the phone like no other which makes it hard to run at a location overnight.  We used it at the Sallie House and caught some pretty interesting things over nothing was conclusive.
-Price $3.99 Available for  iphone / droid / google os

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