Best Recorder to Pick Up Evps

Over the years we have used many recorders in hopes of picking up EVPs at some of the most haunted locations in the US. When choosing a recorder for EVP always comes down to preference. There is no specific recorder that will guarantee the capture of EVP, and I have found  the more you use your recorder for EVP capture the more in-tuned your recorder becomes over time to the phenomena.

Types of EVP

    Class A EVP: An identifiable word or phrase.  Everyone agrees on what is said.

    Class B EVP: A word or phrase that may not be recognizable by every investigator.

    Class C EVP: A word or phrase that is not identifiable and needs to be perceived with the use of headphones; very soft and faint

    Class R EVPR:  R stands for Reversible.  Audio can be reversed and identified on what is said.

I am absolutely shocked to see some of the recorders on this list sell on ebay for $3,000 or more. While I do like using some of these high priced recorders on investigations I have found that cheap models such as the Olympus VN 3100 capture EVP clear class A’s.

Best EVP Recorders

The list below contain the best evp recorders for paranormal research. We have tested all of these recorders and these are the ones that we use both on and private investigations with our paranormal groups. If you have a recorder that records excellent evps that is not on this list please let us know.

1.) Olympus VN-3100PC / VN-4100 – Features USB port, 3.5 jack for external mic, 3.5 jack for headphones, Indexing capabilities, records over 100 hours of audio on the lowest setting, 20 hours on HQ. Overall a great recorder, we have over the years picked up some of the most clearest, and compelling pieces of audio evidence with this device. Although the recordings can at times be a little noisy, the noise seems to benefit the device for EVP recordings due to the fact that EVPs seem to pop out more.

Price $20 usd

2.)Panasonic RR-DR60-IC – The RR – DR60 is a recorder that only operates on voice activation mode.  Rumor has is that when Panasonic produced this recorder numerous complaints were received by users that they were recording disturbing “ghost-like” voices on the recorder. Although some groups and researchers swear by this device, we have found that while you can record many unexplained voices on the recorder the quality of the EVP is almost always class B or lower. Due to the devices age it only features 60 mins of playback, and it does not feature a usb port for downloading audio.  Due to the pricing and the other restraints on this recoder we don’t believe that it makes it suitable for long investigations or weekend-long ghost hunting trips.  However if you are running around on a location, we recommend the recorder for evp because it can facilitate almost real time communication with dead.

Price $3,000 usd

3.)Sony ICD B16 – A

13 thoughts on “Best Recorder to Pick Up Evps”

  1. I have always used Sony recorders but now have an Olympus LS-7 linear PCM recorder and the difference is astounding, I love the Olympus!
    It has 4 gb built in memory and utilizes a mini sd card up to 16gb, the audio is crisp and clear with none of that extraneous noise even when hand held.On lowest quality I get 149hr recording time per file in MP3 format and 148hr 40 min on WMA format.
    The speaker is also great, good audio playback. Battery life is 30-44 hours depending on the mode.
    It has 3 mic’s and has alert lights for when each individual mic picks up something.
    Its not the most expensive but it more than does all I need it to do.

  2. Damn, and I bidded on one of those Panasonic RR-DR60 on ebay for about $550.00. I already have two rt-evp which I love. Have you been getting better results on the panasonic? The olympus is the same one ghost adventurers have?

  3. Well its mixed, so far the best results that I seem to get are with an old school olympus, which is the one GA uses. I haven't used the panasonic as much due to its limited capabilities with no usb. I think often times people grow with certain pieces of equipment which makes them produce better results on investigations.

  4. Hey man thanks for letting me know. I would really like to get my hands on the dr60 but not for$600. I do see a couple of rr qr-100 which is suppose to be the next best thing. Right now I am running a h4n zoom, Olympus ls-100, Sony icd-st25, and a rt-evp which are doing nicely. Which model are you using on the Olympus?

  5. Scott Schneider Hello, it's nice if you have an H4 zoom, but I tested it against a Cheaper Zoom H1 & got near identical recordings, if your a musician, get the H4, if your a Ghost Hunter, get the H1, near identical inner workings, also the dr60 just is not what people claim, I tried 2 of them, and tested against other models, it lost every test I did.

  6. Thosse RT recorders are a total waste of money, you can get the same results using 2 god quality recorders & a good headset for under $50 total, just like the crap Ovilus people just waste their money.

  7. you bid $550 on a crappy recorder, that's not worth $5
    and 2 RT recorders, I will put my 2 $20 recorders & a good Sony headset for $20 & use them Real time against your $200 plust recorder anyday, LOL.

  8. For the best EVP recorder, you want one, that records at the Lowest & Highest Frequencies you can get, a nice range would be on the low end, 70-75 Hz. & the High end, as high, as you can find, at least above 8,000 you like the 3100, but it's low end is 300 Hz. & high is 7200 & since most quality EVPs should be captured below 300 Hz. which I consider the standard low, then the 3100 would rank extremely low on my list of EVP Recorders, not that it won't get EVP's it just that, any recorder with a much lower, low frequency & a much higher one, would be the better Choice, I have tested out dozens of recorders against each other, & my results bare out this evidence, I would rank the 3100 not even in my top 10 best EVP recorders.

  9. I've seen many spend a small fortune on those couple of famous Panasonic older models, it's a waste of money, any good recorder, old or new will do just as well, also using your Camcorders audio works as well as almost any Audio recorder.

  10. Scott Schneider I love my RT don't listen to other because what works for you may not work for another I don't think its nice to say someone have "crabby" recorders..

  11. Glenda have you used the RT-EVP before? Or are you just making ignorant dumb comments about a device you never used? I have been using the RT-EVP ever since they came out. I have taken these audio devices to places like Waverly Hills, St Augustine Light House, Bachelors Grove cemetery and have caught some very interesting evp's. I really enjoy the fact how you can pick up sounds at 15 hz which is below human hearing, real time playback, data logging, and among other features. This recorder I have had the most success in catching evp's compared to my Zoom H4n, Sony PCM D50, Sony B6, B7, B26, B16, B9, Olympus 3000PC, 4000PC. My second favorite recorder is my Panasonic RR DR60, I have caught some awesome evp's with this recorder when my RT-evp recorder didn't catch anything.

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