Top 5 Paranormal Locations

Below is our top 10 list of active paranormal hotspots in the US.  All of these locations have been investigated by our team  over the years and are haunted. Investigating paranormal activity can be dangerous both spiritually and physically so please be careful.  If you are interested in the evidence that we acquired from our travels to these locations.

5.) RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach CA – A retired ocean liner, now docked in Long Beach California, this ship is now the home for countless reports of paranormal activity and ghosts.  Some of the most active areas of the ship to visit are the boiler room, and the first class pool area.

4.)Rolling Hills Asylum, East Bethany NY – Nestled in the foothills of Upstate New York rests an asylum that some people believe is so haunted that they refuse to enter.  The now retired poor house/asylum/mall is believed to be haunted by its former inhabitants some kind and some malevolent.

3.)Waverly Hills, Louisville KY -An abandoned Tuberculosis facility, which some people claim had over 50,000 people parish in walls is now haunted.  Some of the hotspots to visit in this Asylum are the third and fourth floors, and the death tunnel which was reportedly used to transport the bodies of recently deceased patients.

2.)Washoe, Virginia City NV – Known as the Millionaires Club this building back in its hey day would cater to the boom-town’s elite. Many people believe that illegal activities such as prostitution and even murder transpired here.  Countless reports and encounters of malevolent activity have been documented here.

1.)Sallie House, Atchinson KS – Even though it is unsuspecting house in the heartland of a America.  This house is by far the most active of any location that we have visited.  All of the investigators that were with us experienced physical unexplained activity which included burn marks, scratches,  and the sensation of being choked and punched.  For more information please visit our forums.


Happy Hunting!