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Below listed are the Best Free Ghost Hunting Apps for Iphone and Android, tested, and review.  These Ghost Hunting Apps are designed to detect paranormal activity.  One of our favorite free ghost hunting apps for android and iphone over the years has been Ghost Radar. This Ghost Hunting app is not only easy to use when out in the field but it actually has given us paranormal results that are really hard to refute. We first discovered the app back in 2010, and used on the Manson Murder broadcast in LA. We have found that our best uses for the app works best when used in combination with Franks Box (ghost box) as it seems to give very pertinent answers when questions were asked. If you have ever watched any ghost hunting show, it works much like a ghost speaky spell, as when it detects changes in the environment it associates a word to a environmental change.

(From spudpickles.com) Ghost Radar is a portable application designed to detect paranormal activity. Currently supported portable devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry and Android devices. Ghost Radar attempts to detect paranormal activity by using various sensors on the device on which it is running. Like traditional paranormal detecting equipment Ghost Radar employs sensors that measure electromagnetic fields, vibrations, and sounds. However, traditional paranormal equipment can be easily fooled when simple mundane bursts of normal electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds occur. Ghost Radar sets itself apart by analyzing the readings from sensors giving indications only when interesting patterns in the readings have been made.

Ghost Radar employs a proprietary algorithm to analyze the quantum flux. This application does NOT detect EMF nor gravity. Readings for various sensors are analyzed to detect QUANTUM Fluctuations. Interpretations of the sensor readings are displayed graphically as blips on the radar along with numeric and textual readouts on the VOX. Use your Ghost Radar to hunt for odd changes in the flux. Hunters of all types may find anomalous areas of their environment where readings simply can’t be explained. You be the judge. Are the results of your hunting evidence of paranormal activity?

The theory of what is happening is that intelligent energy can be made aware of their ability to influence the sensors of the mobile device. The various readouts are an interpretation of certain readings from the sensors. An intelligent energy should be able to influence the readouts and communicate with you. What those readings mean and how you interpret them is up for debate.

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