Haunted La Purisima Mission, History, Ghosts and Hauntings

History of Haunted La Purisma

The haunted La Purisma mission in Lompoc is believed to one of the most haunted locations in California due to the native american and Spanish ghosts that are believed to haunted the property.  When the Spanish first settled in California the town of Lompoc was viewed as a perfect place to settle due to the fertile valleys for farming and its close proximity to the coast.  There was however a large population of native american’s that were also settled in the valley.  Due to the large population of native americans and the lands potential, the Vice royalty of New Spain established the Mission La Purisima was only one mile north from the small settlement. The mission was moved four miles east of the pueblo to its present location after a Santa Barbara Earthquake severely damaged the mission buildings on December 21, 1812.

By 1803, the Mission Indians population had increased, by Indian Reductions, to 1,436 Chumash people. The mission also had 3,230 cattle, 5,400 sheep, 306 horses, and 37 mules. In the same year, there was a harvest of 690 fanegas of wheat, corn and beans (a fanega equaling about 220 pounds).

After Mexico won the Mexican War of Independence in 1823, Spanish funding ceased to the Santa Barbara Presidio. Many soldiers at the mission who were no longer being paid by the new Mexican government took out their frustrations on the local Chumash Indians. After a soldier apparently beat an Indian at nearby Mission Santa Inés, A major Chumash revolt occurred at that mission in 1824. It spread to La Purisima Mission, where the Chumash people took over the mission for one month until more soldiers arrived from Monterey Presidio. Eventually, the Chumash lost their hold on the mission with many leaving the mission soon thereafter. However, many of the Indians who had sought refuge in the neighboring mountains during the revolt returned to the mission.

Following independent Mexico’s secularization of the Alta California missions from 1834 to 1843, the buildings of La Purisima Mission were abandoned, and the lands were granted Rancho Ex-Mission la Purisima. By 1934 only nine of the buildings remained intact.

In the 20th century the Civilian Conservation Corps-CCC pledged to restore the mission if enough land could be provided to convert it into a historic landmark. The Catholic Church and the Union Oil Company donated sufficient land for the CCC to proceed with the restoration. The nine buildings as well as many small structures and the original water system were fully restored with the mission’s dedication occurring on December 7, 1941, the same day the United States entered World War II. Today, La Purisima Mission is the only example in California of a complete mission complex.

Ghosts and Hauntings of La Purisma

  1. Visual Sightings – Father Mariano Payeras; seen in bedroom, and walking in the halls. Spanish Soldier Spectres seen in Jail, Chapel, and living quarters
  2. Audio – Chumash voices and instruments heard throughout the grounds. Eerie spanish voices can be heard throughout the area.
  3. Poltergeist – Father Payeras living quarters, many have reported manipulation of the sheets.
  4. Physical – Several accts of women being harassed, choked and scratched in main chapel.

livescifi.tv paranormal investigation findings 7/30/2010

Arrived on location at 5:00pm, and started broadcasting at 7:45.

Environmental Data

Temperature at time of investigation was 63 degrees, and closing at 52 degrees. Ambient EMF throughout the building was .10 to .30 milli gaus. Only fluctuations throughout the whole investigation occurred near the equipment set up base which could of been the result of our own doing.

Investigation Recap

Overall the grounds and the old jail area seemed to host most of the activity, which made the investigators feel uncomfortable. All the investigators experienced feelings of uneasiness, and heard disembodied sounds however nothing was captured on the Video or Audio. The only piece of evidence that was captured from the night were “ghostly footsteps” which were recorded by the footbridge on the east end of the mission.

Would like to re investigate with other types of audio recording equipment.

Haunting Grade 4/10