Sallie House Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

Real Poltergeist Activity Caught on Film

The Sallie House over the years has proved to be one of the most haunted locations that we have visited due it’s wide range of paranormal activity. There have been many types of reported paranormal activity at the house, (violent physical attacks, shadow figures, disembodied voices, demonic possessions) however we we discounted the locations ability to manifest poltergeist activity.

We had heard of unconfirmed stories of objects mysteriously disappearing and reappearing in house however on our previous investigations were unable to experience such phenomena. One of the stories that tell of such poltergeist activity in the Sallie House has to do with an investigator who used a penny as a trigger object. Supposedly the penny had moved at some time during the paranormal investigation and was later found in another area of the house.

Sallie House Poltergeist Video

The paranormal video was shot in 2011 during a live investigation of the house. When we first arrived at the house, Patrick Langdon, John Houser, and Tim Wood were unpacking their paranormal equipment when they all witnessed Tim’s phone fly across the room and slam against the wall. During the paranormal investigation the team had placed the same phone in front of camera to see if they could capture the phenomena again on camera.

Author: Tim Wood

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