Prospect Place History, and Hauntings

In 2010 we had the pleasure of investigating this reported haunted location in Ohio.  We spent three days at this location and although we didn’t capture any paranormal activity that doesn’t mean that it isn’t haunted.  We believe that due to the tragic events that have happened at this location during its’ history many the paranormal activity that takes place at this location is probably residual, not intelligent like the Sallie House or demonic as some other websites state.

Prospect Place History

Known also as Trinway Mansion, Prospect place is a twenty room mansion which was built by abolitionist George Willison Adams (G. W. Adams) in Trinway, Ohio, in 1856. Today, it is the home of the non-profit G. W. Adams Educational Center, Inc. The mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Ohio Underground Railroad Association’s list of Underground Railroad sites.

Soon after the mansion was constructed, a fire was set which completely destroyed it.  The mansion was then rebuilt with more fire stopping measures added to it and stands as it does today.   Some of these renovations included interior walls made of solid brick and a two-inch layer of mortar between the first and second floors.

This home featured many new and, for the time, revolutionary innovations. It had indoor plumbing which included a copper tank cistern on the second floor which pressurized water throughout the house. Two coal stoves had copper tanks (under pressure from the cistern system) which heated water and allowed the home to have both hot and cold running water service.

Types of Hauntings

Known as one of the most haunted places in Ohio, A commonly reported paranormal sightings is that of a young lady who died from a balcony fall on the property back in the 1800s. Her apparition has been reported as being seen by many in various areas of the mansion, even the basement where it is said past tenants had packed her body with ice during the winter months to await a thaw to have a proper burial.

Prospect Place in the 1800's The barn also is reported to be haunted by the spirits of the bounty hunters who came searching for slaves during the time the mansion was used as a stop on the Underground Railroad.  It is rumored that 7 or more bounty hunters were hung there.  Some of the claims of activity include phantom voices, shadow figures, lights, and there are even reports of physical contact.

During the 1960’s it is also believed that certain areas of the mansion were used by various Satanic cults to conduct rituals.  One of the areas where this activity is believed to have occurred was in the 3rd-floor ballroom which oddly enough was painted blue to keep the evil spirits from entering.  The ballroom now has a cross painted over the area where these rituals once took place, however many reported signs of possible demonic activity still occur in the spot.


12150 Main St, Trinway, OH 43842

website: Prospect Place Ghost Tours

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