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Grant Wilson Leaves Ghost Hunters

Tonight in a shocking announcement made on SyFy Ghost Hunters, Grant Wilson co-founder of the Transatlantic Paranormal Society and Producer for Ghost Hunters quits due certain “stresses” that investigating the paranormal has placed on him over the years.  Grant during the episode was not on the first investigation during the episode however he was able to make the second investigation in the later part of the show.  During the second half of the investigation Grant seemed that he was clearly stressed out about what he was about to drop on Jason Hawes.  As many expected as the episode ends Grant confronts Jason, and lets the rest of the team know that he is departing.

Anybody that has been investigating the paranormal knows that the pressures of investigating can play on family, and I’m sure this coupled with producing Ghost Hunters might have effected that.  Why exactly did he quit, I’m sure we will never find out.   Were will the show go from here, could this be a sign of things to come? Only time will tell.