Automatic Writing – Real Spirit Communication at the Sallie House

Automatic Writing Video

Watch as automatic writing produces amazing spirit communication is documented and caught on tape during our visit to the Haunted Sallie House. During this paranormal video Tim from communicates the spirit at the Sallie House by using automatic writing. Automatic writing or spirit writing is a form of spirit communication which allows a person to produce written words from spiritual energy without consciously writing.  Some scientists and skeptics consider it to be the result of the ideomotor effect.

Types of Automatic Writing

Parapsychologist William Fletcher Barrett wrote that “automatic messages may take place either by the writer passively holding a pencil on a sheet of paper, or by the planchette, or by a ‘ouija board’. In spiritualism, spirits are claimed to take control of the hand of a medium to write messages, letters, and even entire books. Automatic writing can happen in a trance or waking state.

History of Automatic Writing

In 1878 this type of spirit communication was reported as by Hyppolyte Taine in the preface to the third edition of his De l’intelligence, published in 1878. In this book, Fernando Pessoa claimed to have experienced automatic writing. Fernando Pessoa states that he felt “owned by something else”, sometimes feeling a sensation in the right arm he claimed was lifted into the air without his will during the session.

spirit writing
Ideomotor or Real Spirit Communication?

Arthur Conan Doyle, in his book The New Revelation (1918), wrote that this spirit writing occurs either by the writer’s subconscious or by external spirits operating through the writer. Doyle and his wife led a séance with Harry Houdini where Lady Doyle wrote fifteen pages of purported messages from Houdini’s mother although this information was immediately discounted as fraudulent by Houdini.

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