The Demon of the Sallie House Speaks

Even to this day this was one of the Scariest Ghost Box sessions that I have ever done. As soon as the Ghost Box session started it seemed as though the demon was communicating through the Franks Box directly to me.  Are you able to hear the responses?

WARNING!!!! – These responses captured in this video are Demonic in Nature! All footage is REAL and was captured during a live ghost hunt broadcast at the Sallie House which started Friday the 13th, 2012 on

10 thoughts on “The Demon of the Sallie House Speaks”

  1. You guys are nuts…I would never go there and do that but I enjoyed watching it thanks!

    • Actually 2:35 sounds like “attacking” then 2:40 “demon” then “gate” then “warning” Very creepy…..

  2. Hey Tim, when you ask who brought the demons, it says “a woman”. I agree, the doctor and her did some nasty stuff.
    Do you think, if they sell their soul or make a bargain you can be a demon, after they die?
    I think it’s a woman and the doctor attached to you,main voices you get on box too
    Very entertaining 🙂

  3. Spirit Box is only a toy built for kids to believe in ghosts. Just a play. But I believe in records made in a digital recorder (Clean noise). Spirit Box is only a play of fishing of loose words said by real locutors of broadcaster stations radios.

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