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devil music A while back a good friend of mine and fellow viewer told me to check out a Russian,Darkwave band called DVAR. When we had spoke a while back she told me how a number of her friends and even her had numerous odd experiences which she labeled as
paranormal in nature after listening to a couple of their songs. Of course after hearing this, it stirred my interest.

According to numerous sources the members of Dvar have kept their identities secret, so little is known of their formation. In an interview they stated that “Dvar is something that came in a dream”. Band members claim to have heard music in their dreams. The music was presented to them by a creature named Dvar, which took the shape of a giant bee. A demon beezlebub ll of the band’s music is devoted to Dvar and directly inspired by him. The lyrics, according to them, are performed in the Enochian language.

The being shaped as a Giant bee bears an eerily resemblance to the demonic being Beelzebub. Although the Enochian language was constructed by Angels it was also used by Aleister Crowley at one time to summon the Demonic. Could this demonic being be trying to make contact through this form of music?


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