Dybbuk Box Diary Day 1

After a day of doing a bunch of errands I came home today to find numerous packages resting at the foot of my front door.  Upon opening the first two, which were pieces of hardware that we had ordered for the upcoming Y! screen Halloween broadcast, I decided to not open the last one until going into my house.  After grabbing a quick bite to eat I decided to break open the last box, and to my luck it was the reported Dybbuk box that was sent to me.  Shortly after I realized what it was I decided to escort the box and its contents to one of my storage lockers were I keep most of my haunted relics.

When I reached my storage locker I tried placing the cardboard box with the Dybbuk box in the locker however realized I couldn’t fit in the space so I took the box out of the box, and as I did a foul smell arose from the vicinity; which in over two years of living at this location I have never smelt before.  The smell was so foul it almost made me gag. Knowing what the box could be, and what could lie inside of it gave me the creeps.  Being that I had some place to be I quickly shoved the box in my locker and drove off and tried to forget about the experience.

If anything else happens that I consider strange I will update you guys.

Here is a picture of the box