Scariest Ghost EVP Recordings 2013

These scariest ghost recordings 2013, display both evidence of evp, and our new form of experimental ITC communication were captured during our LIVE Ghost Hunt at the Sallie House, in Atchison Kansas.

These are extremely demonic in nature, so viewer discretion is advised. In other words NOT SAFE for KIDS.

4 thoughts on “Scariest Ghost EVP Recordings 2013”

  1. What's the history on this place? any lay line junctions? also why one camara where is the raw video recordings, thermals? What significance does this place have to hinder a demonic entity. The question you ask it is "do you believe in life after death" and the most non responded "What's is like on the other side"? at most something residual and faint echoes of the past your life wasn't in danger nothing demonic here.

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