ZoZo Ouija Board Demon Ghost Story

So My Ouija Story Begins…

I had been playing the ouija with my friends and we kept getting a spirit with the name ZoZo. I had already heard of it and I was really interested in what it was and what it knew. One night as soon as I grabbed the planchette it had started to move, then it began to move faster and faster, so fast it was incredible! I knew immediately this was not a normal spirit you could feel that ZoZo was actually there unlike any other spirit you may talk to its a true feeling. The demon constantly insisted we get off the board although I took this as no warning I knew to stop the figure 8 motions ahead of time. I didn’t like the feeling that they were giving off. ZoZo was extremely friendly to us for the most part and liked me specifically the most as it claimed it would be always beside me. It also said that it nice to me as scary as that sounds.

scary ouija board demon caught on video tape

So I continued to play Ouija..

More and more until new years eve, one night during an ouija board session it started to spell he was coming. When we asked how, it spelled Satan, it was at this moment I yanked the planchette off and flipped the board over. I still don’t know what it is or anything about it really just that I still itch to play the game that thing it can answer so much it’s amazing it’s so unreal that a force like this actually exists and I don’t care how crazy it may sound. ZoZo is there and if you don’t believe me go buy the board ask for ZoZo. I’m sure it will answer, I know right now if I had someone with enough balls to play I could go have a full-on conversation with it. Now I don’t know how the conversation will end but I can at least I can say I’ve talked to a demon before. As untrue as this sounds there is actually something moving in my house as i typed this. The closet next to my trash can was open, and there were plastic bags on the floor I have no clue what it is or what it wants but this is a good lesson if you don’t believe in ghosts or demons, go buy an ouija board.

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  1. I live in a double block of flats, do not know how old they are, but there is definitely something dark and sinister about the front block, which is five stories high, smells of old people, and is always darkish on the inside be it day or night, be the lights on or off! I have at times felt an ominous presence covering / hovering over both the blocks. When I initially moved in there, I used to move through the front block at top speed to get to the back block where I live (until I found another route to get to my flat). I NEVER NEVER EVER go out of my flat after dark. One new years eve I dared to (for the first and last time ever); go to the rooftop to see if I could see any fireworks, whilst leaning with my arms on the wall, i felt a definite life threatening, viciously angry presence behind me. (Almost as if it RESENTED my being there). I felt SO SO threatened, like my heart was being squeezed, and I was just HATED, with a HATRED so RAW and PAINFUL!! Needless to say, I hi-tailed it off the rooftop; and do not plan on going back there any time soon.!!

    The garage i park my little car in, had the same feeling; I thought I was imagining it initially, and also ALWAYS avoided going there after dark, there was always something watching me from the ceiling (and I MEAN ALWAYS!!! Day or Night.)

    This garage had not been used in YEARS I noted when I moved in there, the DUST, the LEAVES, all of the garbage!!! I cleaned and swept for a whole two days to get it clean, carried away THREE large black dustbin bags full of litter, cobwebs, DUST and FINE SAND!!!! When I was done with that, I subsequently took a spray can of insect poison, and sprayed ALL the nests and cobwebs that always re-appeared overnight, catching me time and again on my way to the drivers door.

    Getting back to the presence I felt; I specifically noted that it was a male, and that he HATED females, but I never felt physically threatened, just spiritually and intellectually! And ALWAYS felt I was being watched with a hawks eye from the ceiling!!!! ALWAYS – DAY or NIGHT.

    A male friend of mine (who had been living there much longer than myself), accompanied me to my garage on odd occasions in the mornings. I do not recall HOW we got to talking about it, but he pointed out to me a very thick piece of wire that had been wrapped around one of the stronger beams. This wire was not just WRAPPED around the beam, but it was pulled down into a taught point, almost as if it had been used to hoist a vary large heavy object into the air.

    This male friend of mine told me that a gentleman had hung himself from that very beam from that very same piece of wire, after he found out that his wife had been cheating on him. SO SO Very sad, but unfortunately very true.

    I subsequently decided to do a spiritual cleansing, which involves praying over plain old tap water, asking the Lord to make it pure and enable me to use it as a symbol of the blood that Jesus Christ bled for us on the cross at Calvary so many many years ago. Enabling me to use it to cleanse the garage.

    But Please, DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF, and be warned; satan can stand against any and many prayers and rituals, and CAN HARM A HUMAN. He however flee's from the blood of Jesus Christ, that was spilt for your and my sins on the Cross at Calvary all those years ago. satan cowers in the face of the POWER of the blood of Jesus Christ, do you know why?; because the Blood of Jesus Christ has IMMENSE POWER, it shelters us, protects us, His Holy Ghost leads us.

    Do under NO circumstances, attempt anything like this unless God has convinced you to do it, and it feels 100 percent RIGHT, and you are NOT NERVOUS about it i any way. Subsequently He will use you as a tool to do His work (all the while protecting your body, your mind and your soul), it is NOT YOU as a HUMAN that can take the glory for something like this, BELIEVE IT, IT IS TRUE.

    That scary feeling you get when you feel threatened for no obvious reason, that 'premonition' you have about a situation, your heart and intellect telling you to flee for no OBVIOUS reason. The creepy feeling you get when passing by somebody in the street, that foul odour that eminates from some people, that repells you with brute force; THAT is the POWER of the Holy Ghost, given us by God Almighty; as healer and protector until He returns one day, to fetch His children.

    Do not mess with this stuff people, it is REAL and it IS SERIOUSLY life threatening.

    Unless you are 100% convinced, and 100% confident that it is God that is convincing you to intercede in your human form, do not act!

    Wait upon His wisdom and timing, He knows if and when you will be ready for such a feat, and should that time come, He will advise you in His manner, and it will feel right and totally safe; definately not wrong nor scary.

    WAIT for His Leadership, Guidance, Protection, Intelligence, and most of all, HIS Power, for it is HIS POWER ALONE that is capable of doing such work, and protecting you in the process. Also always remember that in order for God to be able to use you, you must be willing; and trust in Him alone, NOT in your own power, not in YOUR own time, but in HIS POWER and in HIS TIME.

  2. Why would you want to contact a demon in the first place pretty stupid I was harassed by a shadow man for years I would count yourself lucky zozo is a bitch compared to this thing

  3. zozo is a real demon an ancient force that has been worshipped throughout history hes known to be called through the spirit board or talking board and harm and sexually assault women and men he older then shadow demons one of the oldest forces he's not Satan he's the right hand man or a force of his own. He can cause bangs physical harm to full on rape with no ability to stop it from happening it targets all in your family even young children it favors women and young girls and will use men to physically harm their wives or girlfriends it enjoys chaos and fighting and laughs at bickering. He was worshipped all over the world and was known to be a shaman in an Aztec tribe several statues have been made in his honor with women with long spears through them and him harming humans its frightening that they now have zozo clothing sold everywhere there is power in his name. another thing when he's called its spelled out 20 times (20 because of zo) in a rainbow effect and when he pops through the planchette will go in figure 8s over and over as it gains momentum. The more you believe the more harm zozo can do always make sure you close your sessions and don't just flip the board over he can still emerge as can any foul entity. Also you may smell rotting flesh in several reports of people that have experienced the zozo phenomenon. its not funny not a joke not anything you want to toy with he destroys family, destroys human life he was never human.

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