Ouija Board and Ganzfeld, A Dangerous Communication Experiment

Communication is one of the most important aspects of paranormal investigation.  Communication allows to better document paranormal activity and allows us to understand what / who the energy may be, however, spirit communication is extremely dangerous.  One of the most dangerous paranormal communication experiments that I have ever attempted took place at the Sallie House on Halloween 2012 where I attempted to communicate with a demon.  The experiment involved the Ganzfeld effect and spirit board in the basement of when I tried utilizing the Ouija Board for spirit communication and the Ganzfeld effect, to achieve a higher level of consciousness.   One of the main risks of this experiment is demonic attachment which I am still dealing with today to some degree.

Ouija and Ganzfeld
Ouija and Ganzfeld Experiment at the Sallie House

The Ganzfeld effect (from German for “complete field”), or sensory deprivation, is a phenomenon of perception caused by exposure to an unstructured, uniform stimulation field.  The effect can be achieved by first relaxing oneself, placing a red light within the front of the subject eyes, ping pong balls taped over the eyes to diffuse the light, and white noise played over the subject’s ears. The ganzfeld effect elicits hallucinatory perceptions in many people, in addition to altered states of consciousness.

The spirit board or Ouija Board has been used in many different forms in the past 200 years as a spirit communication tool.  Throughout this time people have had both positive and negative experiences using the board.  The ouija board just like any other spirit communication tool relies on the players’ energy, and focus to enable a connection to the other side.

The experiment’s main purpose is to strengthen the players’ connection to the other side by utilizing the Ganzfeld effect.

The Ouija Board Experiment

I chose to do this experiment in the basement of the Sallie House.  The basement is believed to be the source of the haunting, due to the demon summoning rituals that once took place there, and the limestone walls that encapsulate it.  I choose to start the experiment at 2:00 AM and drank a liter of water prior to starting the experiment.  The weather outside was 72 degrees and was a warm Kansas night.  I knew that the experiment would not work unless I was able to keep calm and relaxed.

Once my team was able to get me situated in the basement took me about 20 minutes to become relaxed. As I glared into the ping balls, that were placed over my eyes I began to see a dark figure that began to manifest through the red fog. As I peered more at the figure it felt as though it started to talk through the white noise that was playing over my eyes.

Demonic Possession?

The words seemed as though they entranced me, and then I began slowly began to feel as if I was falling into a black hole.  The next thing that I remembered was walking up the stairs and being escorted outside.  During this time I did not feel normal and was as if I was watching myself. At some point, Scott Dillala poured some holy water on my neck, and then it started to bubble and steam off.  I don’t think I was possessed.

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Whether you are engaged in demon communication or spirit communication it is always important to set boundaries before starting the session.  Looking back I think that this is probably the main reason why I did not end in more trouble then what I already was.

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