Haunted Sallie House Paranormal Ghost Hunt

On a quiet street in the small town of Atchison, Kansas sits one of the country’s most well known “Haunted” houses. Located at 508 North Second st., it is better known now as “The Sallie House” or the home of the Heartland Ghost. Over the years the house has been the subject of several TV shows and has drawn many paranormal investigative teams and psychics in an attempt to unravel the mysteries regarding who, or just what, still resides in the modest, two story, brick home.

The home was originally constructed for the Finneys’. Michael Finney purchased the the land in 1867, built the home and lived there with his family until his death, in the home, in 1872. There have been many residents and several documented deaths that have occurred in the home throughout the homes history.

Michael Finney-1872

Richard “Edwin” Finney-1874

William True- 1918

Agnes Finney True — 1939

The name “The Sallie House” originated from a story in which a young, six year old girl named “Sallie” had suffered from an attack of acute appendicitis. She was allegedly brought to Dr. Finneys’ residence where he possibly treated her emergency. It is said that in the doctor’s “haste” he failed to fully anesthetize the young girl and she awoke during surgery in terrible pain and horror and then died from shock and blood loss. Also adding to this legend is the accounts of former residents who claimed while living in the home in the early 1990′s, their young daughter had an imaginary friend named “Sallie” which she played with.

Many believe the “child spirit” sometimes heard via AP and electronic voice phenomena ( EVP ) is that of this young girl. Despite the lack of actual documentation to truly verify this legend, the name has somehow become attached over the years, and to many the “Sallie House” is the only name they have ever known it referred to. Whether it be fable or fact, there are numerous reports of hauntings happening at the location.

Paranormal activity has been documented by many paranormal teams and also by former tenants of the home. The most commonly reported activity consists of dark moving shadows, audio phenomenon, electronic voice phenomenon, discernible increases in the electro-magnetic field measurements, temperature fluctuations, equipment malfunctions, light phenomenon, olfactory phenomenon , hair pulling, scratches ranging from superficial to severe, the manifestation of odd substances appearing on basement floor and walls, object manipulation, the feeling of being pushed, possession and full bodied apparitions.

With all the reports of activity over the years many have wondered if its really Sallie who haunts the home or something more sinister such as a demonic presence.

What did the livescifi.tv find from their paranormal investigation of this haunted house? Watch and find out!


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  1. I grew up in Atchison, Ks and in fact had been in the Sallie House when the Pickman’s were living there. All I can say is, that house is creepy, but not as creepy as the Cemetery Round Mound or Molly Hollo in Jackson Park.

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