Ectoplasm is real

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Ectoplasm is a real phenomena

One of the strangest paranormal phenomena that I have been able to document is ectoplasm.  Ectoplasm is not something that was made up for the movie Ghostbusters, however I have only experienced the phenomena once in my 14 years of paranormal investigations. During our investigation of the haunted Sallie House in Atchison Kansas, I was conducting a Ouija Board Session in the basement of the Sallie House when I had this strange substance manifest from under my feet.

Ouija board session

While I was contacting what I believed to be the spirit of Dr. Finney, I had felt a surge of energy come through my

Ectoplasm caught on camera during a Fox Sisters Seance

toes, up to my feet, and through the rest of my body.  After this happened I felt as though my feet and body were strangely connected to the house and to the energy that I was communicating with.  Immediately after closing the session I lifted up the ouija board to put it aside and noticed that my shoes had left imprints of were they were doing the Ouija Session.

Ectoplasm or something else?

Being the skeptic that I am, I looked all around the basement for signs of moisture and there were none.  It hadn’t rained the whole time we were in Kansas, so it wasn’t as if I tracked something into the house. This can be clearly seen in the video, because there were no signs of footprints any were else in the basement or on the stairs.


Ectoplasm is a physical manifestation that appears with spiritual energy. It is said to have the qualities of both water (clear), and oily. In cases of extreme hauntings ghosts, poltergeists, or violent spirits are said to leave behind the substance once manifestation occurs. During the spiritualist era, mediums were believe to excrete this substance from their noses, eyes, ears, and mouths while channeling spirits during seances. One of the well known cases of this were the Fox Sisters; Leah, Margret, and Kate.

Have you ever experienced ectoplasm? If so please leave a comment below!

Site of the Ouija Session

Ectoplasm oozes from the floor

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    1. Hi I wouldn’t even try to use it as it could open you up to so much paranormal Phenomena that you can’t control and you might never be free of ever. You will think you’re safe and it’s gone but they come after your children. It sounds silly but I won’t even watch Tims live shows and wait to watch the recording just because you don’t know if things can still affect you because you might not actually be doing the Ouija but it’s like you are in the room with him. They don’t follow our rules and will find away to get to you. It’s your choice in the end but all those things I’ve said have actually happened to people who dabble in the Oijia board xx

      1. Then the same can be said for all spirit communication devices. When you are dealing with the paranormal unfortunately nothing is a given. However we should never stop exploring it, or other things that we do not understand.

    2. Its really what type of frame of mind you construct the session around, like attracts like.

  1. Hey Charlie just saw this if you still have the box let me know would love to hear more about it.

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