Haunted Welles House LIVE Ghost Hunt

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The Haunted Welles House will be the place of our next 48 hour live paranormal ghost hunt. During our last live paranormal investigation of the haunted house on 46 South Welles Street, the team encountered what they believed to be a demonic entity, as well as many ghostly manifestations.

Types of Reported Paranormal Activity

  • Unexplained bangs, and scurrying noises from one end of the house to the other.
  • Unexplained illnesses and depression.
  • Nightly visits from a well-dressed phantom man and the appearance of a ghost of a young girl who walks through doors.
  • Shrieks, moans, and crying that seemed to be coming from the attic and within the house’s walls.
  • Bloody spots appearing on walls and floors in the living room.
  • A daughter being pushed down the stairs only to mysteriously float to the bottom of the landing on her feet unhurt.
  • Unexplained scratches, in groups of threes, woul
    d appear on the resident’s bodies.
  • Sounds of boots tramping up and down the floors and in the walls of the house when there was no one on the stairs.
  • The discovery of little tin box behind one of the chimney bricks in the basement, which contained human molars wrapped with chicken bones placed in the shape of a cross.

To learn more about the history, and more about the haunting on Welles Haunted House click here.

How to Watch the LIVE Ghost Hunt?

So what will the team encounter live during the 48 Hours?  Tune


in and find out!  livescifi.tv offers a real HD video feed,  multiple live camera views, head cams, and the chance for you to interact with the paranormal investigators, and it is all FREE!

When : Starts, Saturday Feb. 15th 6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST

Where : youtube.com/livescifi


4 thoughts on “Haunted Welles House LIVE Ghost Hunt”

  1. I can’t wait for the new live show. I just recently found you on Youtube and am watching your October 2013 live show at the same location (though some episodes seems to be missing?).

    You guys do such a great job. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  2. An experiment that you might want to try is taking several long exposures with a DSLR in that back room upstairs in that ominous corner. I noticed several on your team mentioned seeing shadows with their eyes but the IR failed to pick it up. Taking several long exposure photos (30-45 sec) might reveal shadow masses that nightshot and full spectrum may fail to catch.

  3. Noreen, im trying to find the show you did with the psychic who said all spirits were earthbound, no such thing as a demon, just bad energy and no stuck spirits. Ye know the girl i'm talking about. Can you please help..Tnx a lot

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