Top 5 Scariest Ouija Board Paranormal Videos

Creepy Ouija Board Videos

The paranormal videos in, “Scariest Top 5 Ouija Board Videos Gone Bad Caught” feature real demonic paranormal activity.  The types of demonic activity are Violent Demon Attacks, Demon Possession, and an appearance by ZoZo the Ouija Demon. All but the first clip in this video were filmed during our own live during paranormal ghost hunts on our Youtube channel.

ZoZo Ouija Demon Video

First off we did not capture the paranormal video that is featured in this clip. Not much is known about this clip, and their are rumors that the video was made to as a trailer of some sort for the movie, “I am ZoZo” by One World Studios.  However whether the video is real or not, the ZoZo Demon

ouija board demon zozo attack
Blood on the Planchette – ZoZo Ouija Demon Attack

Ouija Board Phenomena is.  Thousands of people have come across this negative entity and have had honorific experiences with the ZoZo Demon.  I believe that I have also come across ZoZo at an early age which made me do further research and write the book, “Stalked by the ZoZo Demon”.

The Devil Ouija Board Video

This paranormal video was taken at the Queen Anne Hotel, located in San Francisco. The Queen Anne is a favorite because it was the first location that we choose to do a live broadcast on in 2007. Faith, and Scott Dillala are seated at a table in haunted room with Ouija Board and SB-7 spirit box. The class “A” evps were scary and amazing to say the least.

The Bloody Axe House Possession Video

This scary video was shot on location at the Villisca Axe House, located in Villisca Iowa. The house is believed to be haunted by possible human spirits of the murdered family, and by a possible demonic entity.  In this clip you will see an orb that shoots out of my mouth when I become possessed by the demon on the ouija board.

Sallie Says Hello Video

This paranormal video was shot on location at the haunted Sallie House, located in Atchison Kansas.  The Sallie House is believed to be a demonic haunting, caused by the countless summoning rituals that were performed in the basement. Evidence of these rituals can be seen by black mark on the basement floor which now covers the pentagram.  We thought it would be interesting to do ouija board session on top of the pentagram to see if we could document communication with the demon.  We definitely got more than what we bargained for. Not only is an EM spike captured, growl, but I was also scratched violently on camera during the live broadcast.

Ganzfeld Ouija Possession Video

This paranormal video was also captured at the Sallie House during our Halloween broadcast back in 2012. I thought it would be good idea to try a new experiment on the Ouija Board that involved using a technique called the Ganzfeld.  The Ganzfeld is a little known technique whose main purpose is to provide sensory deprivation so that one may become more perceptive to the spiritual realm. The experiment when used at a haunted location was extremely dangerous.  During the Ganzfeld experiment I became possessed as evidence by the holy water smoked off my neck.

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