1988 Easter, my first paranormal encounter

My first experience/recollection with the paranormal was back in 1988 Easter when I was just 6 years old. This took place in Sheboygan, Wisconsin early afternoon during a family get together for the holiday at my grandparents home.

We all had just arrived back from church services and had setup for an egg hunt for all the kids. My grandparents backyard was an old unintended corn field that was shared with the neighbors to their back, right, and left no fences were up separating the properties. A few of us, my cousins and I, rushed to the middle of the field to find the more valuable eggs and I had found one that had a clue to look back in my grandparents home for the prize. After finding a basket full of eggs I went back to the house to look for the prize. I followed one of my older cousins into the house. He was looking for his own prize but I thought he could help me find mine. There was a room in the house that my grandparents kept as storage that was on the second floor and that’s we’re my prize was, I had asked my cousin if he could help and he did. We headed upstairs and right when we reached the top I felt a very heavy uneasy feeling that made me feel sick. We kept moving and heard someone run up the stairs towards us. We both turned to look and no one was behind us, that spelt second we turned to look and on one was there my cousin ran down the hall towards the room and my reaction was to follow him. We were in the room and ended up in the corner hiding between a dresser and boxes. The door was left open and we can hear a conversation but could not tell what they were saying. It lasted only a few seconds then it stopped, he got up and left me behind because I was to afraid to move. As soon as I heard him run down the stairs I had to get out of there, I ran towards the stairs and felt as if I was being chased. Soon as I got down the stairs a few of my family members were walking inside the house. I told told them what happened and my aunt told me I should not be upstairs alone. I headed outside to tell my mom and my grandma overheard me and told me I should not worry because they are baby angles just playing around.

A few years later after a hand full of experiences at my grandparents home my mom told me everyone has had experiences there at the house but nothing bad has ever happened to anyone. My grandparents reaction to it was that it was baby angles just keeping them company.

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