A visit from “Ice Man”

My name is Sierra, and I have a short story to tell.

My uncle, Greg (also known as Ice Man), was a a driver for a truck company. He went to the station to pick up his last load that he needed to deliver before he could begin his Christmas vacation. The station was running behind and didn’t have the load quite ready yet, so he told them that he would wait in the parking lot until they did. He went to the lot and waited for the station to radio him to come get his load.

Before I get any further into the story, let me tell you some things about Greg. Greg was a man that was hardly ever serious. He would send his nieces and nephews texts every single day, and each of them would say something like dillweed, bunghole, dillweasel, poindexter, turdmuffin, and just about anything else he could come up with. Greg called his mom, my grandma, EVERY single day. She’d ask where he was going, what he’d been doing, how everything was, etc. He would constantly check in because my grandma likes to know that her family is safe. If he hadn’t called her, she would ask me to send Greg a text to see where he was. Greg had never gone a single day without making some sort of contact with someone in the family.

When the station called for Greg over his radio, he never answered. They thought nothing of it, and figured he had decided to take a nap. It started to get late in the ice man ghost afternoon, and nobody had heard from Greg. We all called him and sent him texts. This was very strange, we started to panic very quickly. My grandma told me to send him a text, and ask if everything was okay. The text I sent him said, “Are you still alive out there?? Grandma is getting really worried. You better call her soon, or you’ll get the worst ass-whooping of your life when you get home!”

By morning, we had already called the cops and filed a missing persons report. The thing was, he wasn’t in the area. We live in Candler, North Carolina, and he was still in Effingham, Illinois. They sent out a search team, an we waited. A few days later, we got the news. Greg had passed away from a heart attack while in his truck. It was below freezing the entire time, and his body was frozen to his steering wheel. Greg had been sitting in the station’s parking lot, dead, for 3 days, and nobody noticed.

We had Greg’s funeral on Christmas Eve of 2010. Christmas Eve was Greg’s birthday, and he was spending his 45th birthday in a casket in the frozen ground. The very next day, Candler was hit by a severe snow storm that closed school for almost 3 weeks.

My mom has a security camera set up on our porch, and it takes a photo when it senses motion, or a change in temperature. My mom had save a vase of flowers from Greg’s funeral, and had been taking care of them since then. On September 23 of 2012, our security camera caught an odd picture. My mom had just told me that they were calling for a sudden freeze warning, and that she needed to go get the flowers. My mom kept the flowers on our porch so that they could stay warm and be in the sun.

A few days after my mom brought in the flowers, she told me that she wanted me to clear the memory card from the camera because it was full. Instead, I showed her how to do it on her computer, and she decided to do it herself. About 30 minutes after I helped her, she came running into my room.

“I got this really weird picture on the camera! It looks really cool. I have no idea what it is. Come look at it!”

I sat down to look at the picture, and my jaw dropped. I gasped, and turned as white as snow. My mom asks me what was wrong and I couldn’t hardly speak. All I could do was point at the picture. After several minutes I was finally able to choke out a few words.

“Do you not see it? How can you not see it. It’s him!”

That’s all I could get out.

“Him who? What are you talking about?”

“It’s HIM. He’s right there!”

My mom still didn’t see it. My dad came over and looked, and he didn’t see it either. Finally, I pointed it out to them. In the bottom left corner of the picture, (I believe) is Greg’s face. You can see his eyes, and you can make out his nose. This picture had been taken just 10 minutes after my mom told me she needed to go get Greg’s flowers.

I’m not sure if you’ll see the same thing I do, but that’s what I make of it. Either way, the picture is still a little unsettling.

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  1. It could be matraxing in short our eyes and brains like to play tricks on us we see a face where there isn't any, a good example would be the demonic face people saw when the twin towers collapse.

    What do you believe if you think its real and it gives you some comfort then maybe he was reaching out to you.

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