EVP Class A Ghost Recordings from Haunted Doll

About Haunted Dolls

A haunted doll is a handmade or manufactured doll or stuffed animal that is reported to be cursed or possessed in some way.

The earliest haunted dolls were poppets, effigies and voodoo objects which were created by early peoples for either religious or ceremonial purposes. These traditional objects were later acquired by various civilizations for mystical purposes or the occult. In Rome, dolls were used quite often in magical rituals to represent a connection with a god or goddess. Egyptian priests and magicians often used poppets for ceremonial purposes, to free the body of evil or to place curses on those who went against the will of the Gods.

According to Wiccan beliefs, poppets have been used to place curses on members of a community for religious or traditional purposes. Some of the earliest effigies were used by African, Native American and European cultures. The European poppet has its roots in early Germanic and Scandinavian tribes who used them for ceremonial purposes.  Modern day Wiccans have adapted this practice for their own uses. Most Wiccans believe a poppet is a symbolic representation of a person, and spells and other actions are performed on the poppet to transfer whatever might be affecting the targeted individual out of their body in something like a healing ritual. The Kongolese nkisi statuettes, and the bocio figurines used in Vodun traditions of Benin and Togo, are traditional effigy-like dolls of West and Central Africa believed by their practitioners to be “spirit embodying” forces that can also “heal or protect”. Voodoo dolls are fairly modern novelty items. Their concept is thought to be based on European poppet dolls.

My Experience with a Haunted Doll

In 2010 a viewer had sent me an email regarding a haunted doll that she described as being “evil”.  Me being the researcher I am had asked her if I could research the doll to see if I could document any paranormal energy that might be attached to it, the history of the doll, and also if the doll had energy attached to it, if it would be intelligent enough to communicate with it.  When the doll arrived I was skeptical as to the claims.  My research as to the origins of the doll didn’t turn much due to the fact the doll was purchased from a thrift store, and all I could find about the doll was the it was French and origin and probably about 100 years old.

I was however able to document numerous EVPs that seemed to emanate from the doll, and were intelligent responses to my questions.  I have since left the doll in storage due to the owners requests, and will continue to do further research.

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