Summoning Circle gone BAD

A summoning circle is used to conjure and summon either spirits or demons.  Summoning circles can be extremely dangerous if you are not experienced.  We do not recommend anyone trying to summon a demon.  My summoning circle story begins with me and my two friends and I were up at my cabin in northern Minnesota. At that time we had been dabbling with Ouija boards before but this time we did not have one with us so we bought some candles and looked up how to create a circle. We each took an element, me: fire, Stacy: Earth, and Jennifer: Water. This left out air and spirit, but we thought it was okay at the time.

So we continued to light candles and invite anyone who was willing to come to talk to us to come and inhabit my body for the night and to use a deck of playing cards as forms of yes or no, Red= yes, Black = no. We got some cool responses from a spirit who called himself Guy. We asked him if he wanted to pass on and he said yes, but he wasn’t going to go without his sister.

This is where we got a problem. Us being super naive and young we had asked him if his sister could go with him. He said yes but she would have to be severed from this entity that was evil. Of course, then we should have sensed something was not right about his sister…. but we didn’t so we asked her name and started to call her to our little circle. She came alright, along with the other entity. However, when we started to try to convince her to move on with her brother this entity took control of my friend Jennifer.

My friend Stacy and I didn’t notice at first until things started going strange… Jennifer started to speak in a different language (not unusual for her since she is a classic major) and we presumed the circle was closed and the spirits left.

However, I went to the bathroom and I felt like someone was watching me. I get back and Jennifer is standing up just sort of looking at everything really intensely. That is when Stacy reminded me of the holy water we had brought with us and she suggested that Jennifer was acting strange. So I grabbed the holy water and handed it to Jennifer and said you look like you need a drink of water here have some of mine. She sniffed it then drank some.

The instant she swallowed she called me a bitch and lunged at me, she then fell to the ground writhing. I held her down and shouted, “GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY SISTER”! I then proceeded to use whatever energy I had and channeled it into Jennifer and yelled, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY SISTER”! She then passed out for like 2 mins and the whole cabin went eerily silent. I looked at Stacy and she was on the couch staring.

That night Guy came to me in a dream and said he was going to protect me since I angered that entity, I said no please protect Jennifer. I can handle my own, she needs the protection. Since that night She has been normal and has not had any issues with the entity. Sometimes I occasionally feel that presence but I then put up my light shield and tell it to go away. and it does.

Names have been changed to protect identities.

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