3:30 AM Demonic Attacks

I’ll start with my brother back in December of 2008. He had committed suicide. Through out 2009 and 2010 I had around 7 or 8 times of being woken up at around 3:30 to 3:40 AM. In these times I would be wide awake however my whole room would be pitch black and the street light visible outside wouldn’t be visible. Suddenly, I would have the feeling of being
choked and seeing an entity standing near me for most the times. One which appeared to be pitch black with black eyes was tall,, It’s arms appeared stitched together and wore a white robe. The second looked like a black gaseous cloud. The third appeared to have copied the look of one of my baby pictures except being a grey to black scale of color and black eyes. With barely any breath I could only mutter the name Jesus and the entity would be gone The last one which appeared to have a body of flames and red eyes was on top of me holding some sort of pole to choke me with. I couldn’t breath at all in this occurrence and the thing that saved me was a flash of light that pulled it back. Then my room returned to normal for a few seconds before I got pulled into that black space again only for whatever pulled it out the first time pulled it out again for good. I’m sorry I have no evidence of these things but these were very real experiences for me.

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  1. I originally posted this and decided to do a little research. Apparently a black cloud or clouds appears with demonic activity and I couldn’t find anything on the white robed one, but two names I found are the closest I come for the one that had a body of flames.

    Ukobach : Inferior demon who maintains the fires of hell; appears ablaze
    Adramelech: Arch Demon whose name means, “King of Fire”

  2. you guys are awesome I love your youtube channel and I love how you guys do a lot of things there is only two ghost shows I watch on tv ghost andventures and ghost hunters I would love you guys to be on tv

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