Queen of Spades CreepyPasta Ritual

The Queen of Spades

There is a disturbing urban legend (creepypasta) that playing the Queen of Spades game could result in severe injury of an evil spirit, or possibly death. Origin of this creepy pasta is unclear however many believe that the legend comes from a small village where “Dama Pika” which means “Lady of Spades” is believed to be a witch woman who was badly beaten and sent away to die in the woods, however before she died she cursed the earth.  Those who mention her name in front of a mirror “Queen of Spades” would go insane and have terrible dreams, nightmares, about their death.

How to Summon the Queen of Spades

  1. To conjure the Lady Spades,  three men and two women are required
  2. The room must be dark with a mirror, candles, and a deck of cards.
  3. The group need to choose one who will say the words “Lady Spades, appear” while holding”Queen of Spades” in front of the mirror. The chosen one has to have dark hair and dark eyes. The others need to have a “Joker” card in hand but should not look at it
  4. After the chosen one says the words what is supposed to happen is a ghostly image of a disfigured woman would appear in the mirror. Her bone chilling smile should strike fear in the chosen one.

Playing the Queen of Spades

Tim from livescifi.tv played the Queen of Spades live on livescifi.tv, and got numerous EVPs from a what sounded like a malevolent spirit.  Could this be Dama Pika? Watch the video below and let us know.