Ghosts of Molly Stark Asylum

My name is Adriana and I live in Canton Ohio (use my name if you want id like that.). We have a place named Molly Stark asylum, Hospital, or Molly Stark Park. It is an abandoned asylum, in Louisville Ohio. It was used to institutionalize many individuals with many issues mentally and physically, but is known for not just that but for the Tuberculosis treatments it specialized in. Molly Stark was built in 1930’s but then was closed down in 1950. The hospital was sold for 5 dollars to the state, because of all of the repairs needed.  I have heard that often times the nurses would take the children who were infected with TB and wrap them up in blankets for fresh air, and set them up on the roof.  Many children however would roll off of the roof and fall to their deaths. Lobotomies were also performed in this hospital, along with electroshock therapy. Some of those admitted would endure ice baths also.  It is speculated that a lot of the patients were mistreated as well. They would lock some up in rooms and just wait for their screams to end. Not just ones that were admitted died but also doctors and nurses..Some rooms were for learning others for hurting.

One day my boyfriend Dale and I went to Molly Stark Asylum, we heard things, saw things.. and felt things. We managed to get in through a window. and started exploring. While inside we had found a lock box with a syringe holder in it from the 50’s in perfect condition and a key. We don’t know where the key goes to but we hope to find out one day. I am a Medium I channel energy, the screams and conversations I heard in the hospital killed me inside.  I could hear the children’s screams and cries for their Mommies or Daddies, countless cries for help.  As I was walking around I saw a little boy roaming around the halls, for whatever reason I could not get his name but I sensed he was not there to do harm he wanted help me.  I followed the boy and he took me to what I believed to be his bed;  this bed  was old and had an all wire frame, as I waited for him to reappear I decided to sit on it.  As I waited patiently Dale asks me “Did you hear that?” I looked to him and said no calmly. All was dead silent then, we heard this loud scream! I immediately jumped off of the bed and stood waiting for another. But didn’t hear another.

Some say there are tunnels in this place but we have not been there yet.  On the lower levels of the hospital however you can hear screams. In between the screams I swear I could hear inviting words but I dare not listen to them. While visiting the Asylum Dale and I once heard a woman clear as day say “Plead” or “”please”, when we heard this Dale turned to me turned Paler than I have ever seen him.. Who knew an Italian could turn so pale!  When we wanted to leave there was a window that we saw.  Through that window we both saw a woman who stood by the entrance we came in, she had long brown curly ratty hair to her waist, she looked as if she had not eaten in a long long time. her eyes were even darker than her hair.  I felt that she would watch the others leave, yet for some reason I felt that she was trying pull my back in. with a grin upon her face but when i went to get out it felt like someone was trying to pull me back into the place.

My nick name is Adri so it spooked me yes. but anyhow it was an awesome night lots of adrenaline pumped through our veins but worth it. These pictures have orbs in them.. and one has a face we thought it was a shadow in a window or maybe paint.. until we walked up to the window of the small little church built along Molly. and there was nothing there.

You may take this as you wish, call it Bullshit, call me crazy not believe a lick of it… but it all happened..Please if you do find this interesting contact me or! speak of it in a stream. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please enjoy and remember, May your nightmares become dreams my dear friend.

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