Real Demon Caught on Camera at Haunted House

Are the photos below, images of a demon that are believed to haunt the Sallie House?? While combing through some footage for a current project, we discovered something that we couldn’t explain on a couple of shots that were taken with a sony IR camcorder at the Sallie House. The first photo that captured the demon shows two sets of eyes peering out from the top the stair case on the right. The next item that is really quiet remarkable is the dark mist which appears to change forms at the top of the door frame. All of these photos are individual frames that were taken from 1.5 seconds of footage.

Sallie House Demon Photos

hat man

demon caught on camera

real demon photo

shadow figure caught on camera

14 thoughts on “Real Demon Caught on Camera at Haunted House”

  1. I used to not believe in this stuff, but after someone showed me they could actually send mental impressions, I guess anything is possible. So, yeah, eyes? Maybe so.

    • The house was completely locked down for our investigation, there were only 2 other investigators present, who were both downstairs when this anomaly was captured.

  2. Could be animals. I dont know how anyone can say for sure it is a couple of demons. Those are the type of comments that make people think that anyone who believes in the paranormal are idiots. It could be any number of things. It could be 2 dogs wondering what the heck people are doing walking around in the dark, that would be my first guess.

  3. Also…you should never EVER say a demons name out loud, it gives them power. You can write it down, but unless you want to be stalked by a demon, which is a living hell, dont say the name out loud. If you have some idiot friend that thinks thats hilarious..dont have them with you. Having a demon know who you are is a horrific thing. Please, before you mess with a board say protection prayers and again when you finish. These are not even a guarantee but, its more than doing nothing. Demons count on the fact that most people dont know what they are doing and they get stronger because of it.

    • My issue with what you stated here about saying the name gives the demon power is this. Typically demons DON’T want you to know their REAL names because in the very beginning stages of an exorcism the priest (or whichever religion you may be) must find out said-demon’s name to gain control over the entity in order to drive it out. Even mediums, psychics etc use this same technique when cleansing a home or area when need be. So long story short I think that it only gives power when used in a ritualistic way (ie. conduring or summoning) because when we pray to God is it not the same thing? Just a little food for thought! 😀

  4. it seems the spirits like to drain batteries. I could show you a way to provide energy for the spirits and make it portable. if you’re interested email me ill send you my number and discuss it over the phone. it could provide enough energy for a manifestation,

  5. Maybe it’s the reflection of a Car driving by. Maybe the headlights reflected in a mirror or something like that.

  6. Hi, I recently watched a video of y’all being in the Sallie house April 2012 and I’ve got a picture that popped up during filming that you will be very interested in seeing!!! How do I send it to you??

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