Do Streetlights Go Off Around You? Paranormal Phenomena

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What is Street Light Interference or SLI?

Have you ever had the experience of walking down a creepy street, were suddenly the street lights go off around you. If you have your not alone. Street Light Interference or SLI is creepy phenomena that everyone at some point in the life seems to experience.  Is SLI a paranormal phenomena though?

My Scary Experience with SLI, Paranormal Phenomena?

About 4 years ago I had a very creepy experience with SLI that had occurred at my apartment building in California. The night before I was about to travel out to the Sallie House for a paranormal investigation, I was woken up at 3 am by 3 mysterious taps on my roof. For whatever reason when I was awoken by the taps I was extremely thirsty, being in a state of extreme thrist I thought it would be a good idea to go to my car and grab one of the waters that I had left in my car from the that night. As I walked down the hallway to my car I had felt as if something was watching me, however as I kept looking around I couldn’t see
anything there. As I got to my car and grabbed the water, I looked around and could see a faint shadow, with glowing red eyes that was staring at me. As I stood there in disbelief, and stared at it for what seemed to be an eternity, the lights in the parking lot suddenly shut off. As quickly as the lights suddenly turned off I scurried up the stairs to my apartment, as the lights in the stairwell started to shut off as well. Behind me a could heavy steps that echoed through the stairwell. It seemed to take forever to make it up to my door, and once I entered my apartment the lighting and the electronics were operating fine. Was it the shadow like entity that had effected the power in the parking lot and the stairwell?

What causes street lights to go off around me?

Are what people experiencing with street light interference due to some type of paranormal phenomena that we don’t understand? Or can it just be attributed to coincidence, being that we are constantly surrounded by the usage of electricity. For me I had experienced the shadow like entity which seemed to be effecting the lighting.  Have you had an experience with SLI?

Author: Tim Wood

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2 thoughts on “Do Streetlights Go Off Around You? Paranormal Phenomena”

  1. This happens to me frequently, and My friend witnesses it constantly.

    He will yell at me and tell me to chill out 🙂

  2. Actually, this happens to me regularly. It’s a Street Light, across from me. At first, I thought it was a “short in the wiring!”, So, I called the Electric Company. I did see the Company’s Technician. Again, I took my dogs for their final walk, before bed.
    When, I’m near that street light. I close my eyes and “Think”, Off/On! Sure enough, it comes ON then OFF! IDN,about this phenomenon!Thank you,for validation! 😉 Kate

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