Bloody Mary Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

Bloody Mary Caught Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera, Tim performs the Bloody Mary ritual with a twist to help the real bloody mary be caught on tape. If you are unfamiliar with the bloody mary ritual, it is believed that if you complete this ritual you will make contact with this dangerous entity. Tim will perform the ritual with a shard of a anitque mirror that was obtained from a house that had a death in it. Will this object increase the chances of bloody mary being caught on camera. Tune in and find out.

Bloody Mary History

The Bloody Mary ritual initially encouraged young females to trek up a flight of stairs backwards while holding a candle and a hand mirror, in a darkened house. It was believed that as they would look into the mirror, they would be able to catch a view of their future husband’s face. However, if the woman playing bloody mary caught a glimpse of a skull (or the face of the Grim Reaper) they would be destined to die before they would have the chance to marry.

Today, Bloody Mary allegedly appears to individuals or groups who ritualistically invoke her name. It is believed that Bloody Mary can seen by repeatedly chanting her name in a mirror placed in a dimly-lit or candle-lit room. To those who have caught a glimpse of the Bloody Mary apparitio, she is said to appear as a corpse, a witch or ghost; can be friendly or evil; and is sometimes “seen” covered in blood. The lore surrounding the ritual states that participants may endure the apparition screaming at them, cursing them, strangling them, stealing their soul, drinking their blood or scratching their eyes out. The modern legend of Hanako-san in Japan strongly parallels the Bloody Mary mythology.