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St Ignatius Paranormal Lockdown

livescifi.tv was the first team to perform an overnight investigation at St. Ignatius Hospital in Colfax, WA.  Paranormal Activity has been reported over the years  by former employees, and guests even while the hospital was still functioning. Some of the paranormal activity reports include, shadow figures that run through the hallways, doors that seem to slam and open by unknown presences, disembodied voices, and extreme physical attacks.  We spent 4 days at this remote location and  we had numerous experiences at the hospital that we simply cannot explain.  The live stream videos are raw, and uncut and show not only the extreme weather conditions that we faced, but also the paranormal activity that we encountered.

About St. Ignatius Hospital

The Haunted St. Ignatius Hospital, was once a county run hospital was also later used as the site of mental institution which served, and housed those with specials needs. The hospital is over years old and is currently abandoned.

Tim Wood

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