Real Ghost Encounter: Ghost Screams

I had had a lot of paranormal encounters in my life, but the one that will always be fresh within my mind would be for first experience that happened in my second home.

It first happened when I was twelve, I lived with my great grandmother and my uncle. Well, it was around the evening, dinner was being made, and I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom when I heard the most blood-chilling screams, ” Help me! Help me!”

Thinking it was Grandma, I ran to the back, where I thought I heard the screams, and opened the door only to find her fast asleep. Still concerned, I gently woke her up an asked,” Grandma, did you scream for help?”

Her reply was, ” No.”

I then asked, ” Well, did you here someone cry out for help?”

Same reply, ” No.”

I made sure she was comfy before leaving the room, filing the screams away for later pondering.

Now we skip ahead, three years later. It’s now just me and my uncle, Grandma now in a assisted living home, and I was in the bathroom when I heard my uncle call out from the hallway,” Kinzie, are you alright?”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and replied,” Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

His reply was like a knife through my chest,” Because I heard someone screaming out ,’ Help me!’.”