Sallie House LIVE 48 Hour Ghost Hunt Broadcast

salliehousebroadcast The Sallie House in Atchison Kansas is known as one of the most haunted places in America.  Starting Friday February 26th – Sunday February 28th invites you to watch, and interact with our ghost hunters on location for a live paranormal, ghost hunt broadcast.

Get Prepared for Night of Chilling Paranormal Activity, and New Experiments LIVE has visited the location numerous times in the past were they have documented numerous demonic attacks, dark shadow manifestations, unexplained anomalous activity, and unknown audio phenomena that was recorded as EVP.  On one of the trips to the Sallie House the team conducted a Ouija session in the basement were one of the team members became possessed and had holy water placed on him, after which bubbled and steamed of his neck.

In another occurrence the team captured a shadow figure on camera that darted out of the room known as “Sallies room”.  This time however the team will be conducting new experiments that could possibly yield conclusive evidence of paranormal activity, and give more answers to its origins, and why it manifests at that specific location.

Who will be will be on the live ghost hunt?

The will be joined by; founder, lead ghost hunter, and paranormal investigator Tim Wood, Patrick Langdon, paranormal investigator and csi photographer, Scott Dilalla paranormal investigator and videographer, and Kristen Manning psychic sketch artist.

How do I watch the live show?

When?: Starts February 26th 8pm PST to February 28th 12pm CST.

Where?: To watch live ghost hunt broadcast visit our youtube channel, and click on this link.

How To interact? Tweet the livescifi team during the broadcast  @livescifi

Want to learn more about the Sallie House?

the history of the Sallie House located on 508 N. 2nd Street in Atchison Kansas, types of demonic entities and ghosts, and other paranormal activity at the house, click here.

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