Violent ZoZo Ouija Demon Attack Real Story

One night me, my wife Felicia, and her friend Shannon decided to go to some mansion ruins in Cartersville GA zozo ouija demon attack where we lived at the time. It had been storming like crazy till we got to the mansion ruins, and everything calmed down which was very eerie. We started by doing a basic EVP session didn’t get a whole lot of action on it. So we decided to bring out the ouija board(being that my wife is pregnant I don’t let her use the ouija right now). Shannon and I started the session by laying out the rules, then we asked ” Is there anyone here that wishes to communicate?” It took a minute, but the planchette slid to yes. I got a little excited until we asked ” Are you a human spirit?” This time the response was rather quick and was a definite NO. At that moment I knew we were dealing with something dark. The energy in the place changed in a blink. I felt very uneasy and like something was watching me. We preceded to ask ” What is your name?!” The planchette started moving strange and went down to “6”. I said rather firmly “Tell us your name!!” The planchette went crazy then went to Z then O from there it went very rapidly ZOZOZOZO etc. My wife not being a big believer started taunting. I got pretty frustrated with her,and told her not to, but she didn’t listen. As the session went on I began feeling very nauseous and dizzy.

Then this entity started mentioning it wanted “son”. Which my wife is currently pregnant with. I got furious cursed it out a bit,and we said goodbye. When we returned to our apartment I was feeling very sick like death had hit me out of nowhere. We decided to call it a night, and watch a movie. As we were laying there my wife said baby my back really hurts. Not thinking I told her you’re pregnant I’m sure your backs hurting. She says no it’s burning really bad so I told her to let me check. As she lifted the back of her shirt I was shocked to see 3 very distinct scratches on her back. Needless to say there was anointing oil and holy water on her in seconds, and throughout the apartment. She is now a firm believer in spirits, and no longer taunts anything.

zozo ouija demon attack